3 Types of Museum Storage Cabinets for Your Collections of Artifacts

To best display the artifacts in your collections, you must select and install beneficial storage solutions throughout your museum. Throughout this realm, you will find many different types of cabinets, shelving and other storage solutions purpose built for artifact display and containment. With help from your trusted manufacturer of museum storage cabinets and shelving, you can acquire the storage solutions that will work best for your artifacts and museum space. Utilize this guide to learn about the three leading types of museum storage solutions offered by these manufacturers.

Rotating Storage Cabinets

Rotating cabinets allow for the precise storage of artifacts in locations with limited floor space. The cabinet rotates within a space-saving frame, offering you room to store artifacts and their documentation. You can keep your important documents in hanging, top tab or end tab style files or simple binders that stand on the shelves. This type of cabinet can keep your items from sustaining damage, as it can be rotated closed when not in use.

Mobile Shelving Systems

You can also use mobile shelving systems to efficiently store a large number of items as you rotate displays. These shelves mount directly onto a rail system that allows for their movement across the storage area. With this movement, you can regain floor space while keeping your artifacts safe inside. You can find the perfect rail and shelving design for your building by working with your trusted manufacturer of museum storage cabinets.

Single and Double Door Cabinets

For storage at every corner of your museum, you can integrate single and double door cabinets into your layout. These cabinets come in full and counter heights to best suit the space where they will be installed. The cabinets can even have solid, vented or visual doors installed for improved function and aesthetics. With so many configurations available, it is important to work with a skilled cabinet manufacturer to find the storage solutions that will suit your needs.

Finding Your Ideal Museum Storage Cabinets

You will need to take a long look at the design of your museum and needs of your artifacts to find your ideal storage solutions. Consider how often you change out your displays and how the revolving artifacts will need to be stored and handled between display periods. Once you identify your idea storage solutions, you can find and acquire a combination of storage cabinets and shelving to securely hold your collections and documents. Get started in finding your ideal storage solutions today to start making the most of the space you have available in your museum.

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