4 Essential Steps On How To Effectively Avoid Expensive AC Repairs

Your air-conditioning system is undeniably one of the most critical systems at home. It is handy and beneficial, and it makes sure that you are always comfortable no matter what the weather is. However, it could also be one of the most stressful and expensive systems. When it encounters a problem and stops working, the entire house is affected, and thus it has to be fixed fast. On the other hand, replacing your unit or having some parts repaired and replaced is also very expensive. And when you need to do it urgently, it could affect your budget.

The best way to ensure that your AC will work appropriately for a more extended period is to make sure that it is well taken care of. It will not just prolong its life, but it will save you from a lot of trouble. And most of the time basic AC maintenance is not as tricky and complicated as you think. It is straightforward and convenient. All you have to do is make time for it.

Clean and Replace the Filter Regularly

For most AC in Houston, dust and dirt is a primary problem, especially during spring, summer, and autumn. It is very common for dust and dirt particles as well as leaves and branches of trees to get stuck. The first cardinal maintenance you must do is to clean your filter regularly. As much as you can, clean it once or twice every month.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to make sure that you replace it every three months. The AC filter is responsible for making sure that the entire house receives clean and fresh air. If you do not clean or replace it, then you will be inhaling unhealthy air which is not good for your health. It could even cause different types of illnesses and diseases.

Clean the Coils and Coil Fins

The coils and coil fins are not as demanding as your filters. You can clean it every few months or so. We recommend washing it every three months. And for convenience, it is best to clean it before replacing the filter. Make sure that you do not use anything hard or rough to clean them tough. Use dry cloth or soft brush for the cleaning.

Clean and Unclog the Drains

The AC drains one of the parts often neglected which should not be. When your drain is clogged or gets too dirty, water will not be able to pass smoothly. And when it is plugged, it could cause the entire system to stop working. It is essential to clean the clog regularly. You can do it once a month or as often as necessary based on where it is situated.

Call for Maintenance

It is not recommended for you to do any repairs on your AC as the damage could worsen. Please try to have your AC checked once a year to make sure it is working correctly. It is best to call for a repairer every time there is a problem too. Do not delay it since it could become worse and it could cost more money. If you need any repair or maintenance assistance, feel free to visit us for help.

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