4 Important Things You Should Know Before Visiting Art Galleries

A visit to an art gallery can be a different experience for different people. If you are an artist yourself or have been to art galleries like Galerie LeRoyer before, you would know what to expect and how to get the most out of your visit. But, if you are new to this experience, there are some things you should know before you visit:

  1. It Is Not A Museum

An art gallery is a place to showcase art with the intention of selling it. It is very different from a museum where you can roam around and enjoy the pieces just as a piece of art. At an art gallery, you will be viewed as a potential customer and judged accordingly.  Whether or not you have an intention to purchase, you are free to look around.

  1. You Need to Give It Time

You will not be able to learn much about the art or the artist if you are rushing through the gallery. Take time to view each piece of art and read about them, especially the ones that talk to your soul. This will enrich you with knowledge about the style and the story behind the art. It will be a better experience for you if you prepare ahead of time and have your questions ready with you. You can also research the pieces you have liked post your visit.

  1. It Is Okay to Ask Questions

The art galleries often have a lot of brochures and handouts providing you with information about the artist and art. It is a great place to learn and ask questions as long as it is related to art. It is better to show that you don’t know rather than showing fake knowledge.

  1. It Is Not Right to Treat It Like Your Home

When you are a visitor at an art gallery, remember that it is a place of work for someone and should be given its due respect. Do not loiter around and disturb people. Do not use your phone for entertainment or talking loudly. If you do need to take a call, step out. The artist is exhibiting his or her labour of love at the gallery; do not insult either of them even if you feel so inclined.

Art galleries are meant for the artists who are the present, while a museum exhibits work of those who have made their mark in history. Though both require the same kind of respect and demeanor, one should remember that the artists in a gallery are working for a living and should be accorded due respect, too.

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