4 Quick Ways to Deal with Greasy Surfaces and Keep Your Kitchen Spotless

Grease and fats all over the kitchen are a real nightmare, but we have to face it on a daily basis. If you are working in a fast food restaurant or you simply want to clean your home kitchen once and for all, we’ve prepared some useful and safe tips.

Prepared for cleaning

Before you start, you must find the appropriate tools and equipment for cleaning, including rubber gloves, gas mask, and some old clothes, since cleaning is messy work! Besides protective equipment, you should prepare tools for cleaning, including a bucket of warm water, washing wire, sponges, and a lot of clean cloths.

Make sure that you have cleaning products near since looking around for such products in a dirty kitchen might make things even worse.

Try to use natural cleaning products

It might look like you’ll never be able to clean a wooden greasy surface using baking soda and lemon juice, but this natural combination of ingredients will amaze you. Instead of using expensive cleaning products, you can make your own natural cleaning agents.

Besides baking soda and lemon juice, some of the most effective natural ingredients for cleaning are white vinegar for eliminating unpleasant smells, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting the kitchen elements, cornstarch for polishing, and many more.

Practice has shown that the most effective natural ingredient for grease cleaning is sodium carbonate decahydrate, also known as washing soda or SAL soda.

Using the mentioned natural ingredients, you can clean almost anything in the kitchen, but when it comes to cleaning some devices or grease trappers, things might get complicated.

Be careful about cleaning kitchen appliances and tools

Besides tiles, wooden surfaces and working surfaces, make sure to clean greasy appliances and other kitchen tools. While cleaning kitchen devices, using natural cleaning agents isn’t that helpful, so you should use some industrial cleaning products.

Before you start, make sure to read the users manual to select the most suitable cleaning agents for each device or appliance.

In some areas, personally cleaning grease trappers or similar kitchen equipment isn’t allowed, so you should contact professionals. Here is some useful information related to grease trap cleaning tools.

Regular maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of polished surfaces and appliances will help lower the need for detailed cleaning and keep such sessions few and far between.

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