4 Ways to Redecorate Your Home in the New Year

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The New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings and fresh starts. These often take the form on New Year’s resolutions that involve health, career and personal relationships

One new beginning that isn’t as regularly discussed is the one that involves redecorating your home.

A new year means that many decorations are on sale for cheaper prices and also means that you will have a good number of visitors, particularly if you are throwing a party.

Redecorating your home, however, doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune as there are a few cheap and practical ways to redecorate your home, some of which are as follows:

  1. Declutter: Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to redecorate and change up the appearance of your home is to declutter and free up space.

First, by freeing up space, your home will appear larger. Also, the beauty in certain pieces of furniture and your overall color scheme will have a better chance to shine if your home isn’t covered in random items.

Take a day or so to go around your home and throw out random papers and items that are not in use.

Give away unwanted but useful items to goodwill and watch your home take on a completely new appearance.

  1. Change your lights: Lights have a huge effect on the appearance of your home and a lot of change can be implemented simply by changing your lighting around the house. If you usually use standing lights, consider changing them to hanging lights and so on.

Also, consider changing your light colors. White lights can give your home a more ‘studio’ and minimalist look while yellow lights have a homier feel.

Consider buying a brass lamp holder from a retailer such as spares2you and add a variety of different lights in each room.

  1. Add new decorations: New decorations are a foolproof way to change up the look of your home without having to change your wall or furniture colors.

They also do not need to be expensive as charity stores and bargain stores often sell decoration seats such as porcelain figurines, lights, and so on.

Decide on a theme you want to go with and change up the decor in your home.

However, make it a point to not overdo the decorations as doing so will make your home look cluttered which is not the look you are going for.

  1. Move furniture around: If you don’t want to spend too much money or buy new items, one of the easiest steps to take is only to move furniture around a bit.

Rearrange your couch set or move some lamps to a new corner.

You can even move some pieces of furniture from one room to the other and change up the look of each room simultaneously.

You should also consider giving away or selling furniture that is not in use to free up space.


Redecorating a home for the New Year doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Follow the above steps and watch your home take on a whole new look.

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