5 Brilliant Ironing Hacks to Make Your Clothes Crease-Free

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Not everyone likes ironing. It’s a tedious task that requires many skills to do expertly, but it has to be done. Many people can’t take credit for their impeccably-ironed shirts and gowns because they are done by professionals. This is perfectly fine.

However, as professional cleaners in London and housekeepers in Westminster providing ironing services, we understand that there may be times you just need to iron your wears yourself. Since, we won’t be there to help out or guide you, use these tips to make your clothes wrinkle-free.

  • Your Dryer Can Do the Trick

If your clothes are lightly wrinkled, then, you don’t need an iron. Use your dryer instead. Dampen your clothes with some sprays of water and drop them in the dryer. The moisture on the clothes dries up due to the heat of the dryer. Your clothes? The creases on them disappear with the moisture.

  • Use Aluminium Foil

Yes, aluminium foil also helps remove wrinkles. Simply line your ironing board with the foil. When pressing your cloth, the heat from the iron heats the aluminium foil. It, in turns, irons the other side of your garment. This not only makes ironing quicker but also makes it effective.

  • Iron Cotton When Damp

It can be difficult to iron out wrinkles in clothes made of cotton. You press endlessly and the creases stare unyieldingly back at you. Good news. The best way to remove the lines quickly is by ironing your garment when they are damp. As the moisture changes to steam, the heat help smoothens the creases.

  • Iron In Order

Orderliness makes things easier, even in ironing. If you want faster ironing that makes clothes wrinkle-free, iron from least wrinkled to most wrinkled. This is effective because your iron heats up as you press, making the heat perfect for the wrinkle level.

  • Use Vinegar and Water

Some creases seem as though they are a unique design of your clothes. These are tough to smoothen. If you are ironing garments like these, a mixture of vinegar and water can do the magic. Spray the mixture over the affected areas; the creases will easily iron out.

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