5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Home Security System

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You work hard to protect your family from the unexpected. But are you doing absolutely everything you can? Here are five reasons why you should install a home security system in your Lafayette home.

#1: Deter Potential Intruders and Thefts

One of the more obvious reasons to install a home security system is to ward off potential vandalism and thefts. Most intruders don’t want to deal with anything that draws attention to their activities, so a loud alarm works perfectly as a deterrent.

#2: Carbon Monoxide Alerts

Carbon monoxide poisoning is serious and could potentially cause harm to your family. Most modern security systems include a monitoring aspect for carbon monoxide, which can ensure your family knows when there’s an issue.

#3: Alerts for Fire

Did you know that most alarm systems also act as fire alerts? Instead of relying on an unmonitored smoke detector, your security system sounds an alarm at the first sign of smoke and lets the local first responders know that there’s an issue.

#4: Peace of Mind

Perhaps the least tangible but most important reason to install a security system in your home is the peace of mind associated with knowing you’re protected. If anything should happen in the middle of the night or while you’re away, the monitoring center will alert you immediately.

#5: Get a Discount on Homeowner’s Insurance

Many insurance companies offer discounts if you have a monitored security system. In some cases, this can be substantial and save you quite a bit of money on your annual premium—even enough to pay for the installation and monitoring fees.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family is protected by Acadiana Security Plus. Contact our Lafayette security systems team Plus for more information.

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