5 Reasons Why Your Commercial Roof is as Important as the Foundation  

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It’s surprising how many business owners do not place the roof of their offices, buildings, or facilities on the same level of importance as the foundation. An issue with the roof that may in time threaten the structural integrity of the building itself is often ignored while a smaller issue with the foundation often gets prompt attention.  

The same is true when purchasing a structure where a foundation issue will cause virtually every buyer to walk away while a more serious problem with the roof may still be acceptable depending on the purchase price.

If you own a commercial building, here are five good reasons why the roof is just as important as the foundation.  


A roof that has been restored is like a face-lift, adding new life to the building itself and taking years off the appearance. Not only does this impress potential customers and clients who enter the building, but also buyers who are looking for a strong structure to house their business efforts. A good roof requires little to moderate maintenance and is worth the effort considering how the like-new appearance translates into better business.  

Energy Efficiency

Basic science tells you that heat rises, and a poor roof will let most of it proceed outside. This means that if the roof of your commercial building isn’t sound, you may be losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.  

In addition to ensuring that the commercial roof is in good shape, you’ll want to add some insulation if possible to slow down any loss of heat. You may find that some commercial roof coating or sealant provides some insulating properties.  Integrity

Any restoration or repair of the roof in a timely manner will often prevent larger issues from being created which might drop the value of the property. Consider that even a small crack will allow moisture to come inside which may lead to the creation of mildew or mold which often causes thousands of dollars in damage, if not more.  

A timely restoration that keeps your roof strong and in like-new condition means that your commercial building is protected from unwanted moisture from penetrating inside.  


Preventing moisture from entering through the roof not only protects the structure of the building, but also the health of those who work inside. For example, when mold starts growing, it gives off millions of spores that affect the respiratory system which may cause allergies to form, asthma attacks, and in rare cases, serious health issues that might’ve been prevented with a sound roof.  

Sale Value

For commercial buildings, the condition of the roof is a strong consideration for potential buyers. Knowing that the roof has been recently restored and well-maintained is a powerful selling tool since it informs buyers that the building itself is better protected.  

Knowing that the roof will last for several years without having to be replaced or undergo considerable maintenance is a big selling point that will help you sell the property much easier. This information was brought to you by Lionheart Contracting, a Kansas City Commercial Roofing Company.

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