5 Signs Your Sprinkler Needs Immediate Repair

Having a sprinkler system will allow you to minimize water waste as you hydrate your lawn. This system will help you save time and money as well. It also provides conveniences you won’t want to live without as long as you have a lawn.

Because a sprinkler system gives you peace of mind that your plants are always properly watered, you may overlook the fact that it also requires regular maintenance. Like all other outdoor features, different environmental factors and daily wear and tear can cause damage to this system.

How to Know if Your Sprinkler Is Damaged

Since most of the components of your irrigation system are buried underground, you won’t notice signs of damage easily.

According to a provider of sprinkler repair in Amarillo, Texas, these are the five clear signs that your irrigation system is already damaged or working improperly:

1.     Muddy or soaked areas

If you notice that certain areas of your yard are always muddy or soaked and it hasn’t rained for days, it is highly likely that your sprinkler has a leak. A constantly drenched driveway is also a sign that your system is leaking.

This leak, which may be found above or underground, may be causing some areas in your lawn to become continually soaked in water. This leak can be caused by cracked or broken heads or pipes.

This sprinkler problem will result in water wastage which, in turn, leads to higher utility bills.

2.Greener patches of grass and parched areas

A leak in your sprinkler system can throw off even, proper water distribution. As such, aside from having muddy, wet areas in your lawn, you will notice that some grasses are greener than those found in other areas.

Additionally, there will be dry or parched areas in your lawn. There will be grasses that are already yellow or brown due to dryness as well.

Uneven water distribution can also be caused by faulty sprinkler heads and incorrect zones. It can also mean that the sprinkler heads are placed in the wrong areas.

To know the exact cause of this sprinkler issue, call a professional immediately.

3.Changes in the water pressure

If you notice that the sprinkler heads are shooting out blasts of water one minute, and then the water is suddenly barely dribbling in the next minute, your system has some kind of pressure issue. This is often caused by damaged or malfunctioning valves and regulators.

If you think the extra water pressure is a good thing since it means more parts of your lawn are getting hydrated, think again. The sudden bursts of pressure will wear out your system before long.

To ensure your sprinkler gives you years of great service, have this issue checked and repaired by a qualified technician as soon as possible.

4.Leaking control valves

Control valves that are constantly dripping or leaking even if you have turned them off is an urgent warning sign that you need to have your sprinkler system checked quickly. This is because this type of issue indicates that there might be loose or damaged parts in your valve.

And because of the damage, the part can no longer support or control the water pressure.

One of the possible causes of this issue is that dirt and grass particles may have accumulated in your valve. Cleaning this is best left to experts.

5.Unexplainable spikes on your water bill

Lastly, if you notice that the amount on your water bill is getting higher every month, your irrigation system may be the cause. This is because damaged and outdated sprinkler systems tend to operate inefficiently, thus, wasting water.

Most of the time, having the broken or dislodged part or portions of the system fixed or replaced will improve the sprinkler’s efficiency. But if your system is seriously outdated or damaged, consider replacing it. By choosing a newer system, you will be able to save more money on your utility bills.

Whether you need to have your current irrigation system maintained and fixed, or you want to have a new one installed, leave everything to trusted professionals in sprinkler installation from Amarillo, Texas. They will ensure your sprinkler will work properly and efficiently all the time to keep your lawn effectively hydrated, healthy, and lush.

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