6 Simple Home Cooling Ideas From AC Installation Experts

A home with a reliable air conditioning (AC) system is your refuge on crazy-hot days. It is a blessing to arrive at a pleasantly cool home after being out in the sun the whole day. The cold air from your air conditioner or AC helps to normalize your body temperature and create a comfortable interior climate at home so you can rest easy.

Indeed, your AC is a life saver, especially in the summer when temperatures become unbearable in the middle of the day. But if your goal is to cool your home more effectively, then it is important to provide your AC system with adequate support.

Here are professional AC installers’ top six ideas for keeping a home optimally cool on the hottest days.

1. Have your AC cleaned.

Call the trusted AC specialists in your location to thoroughly clean the machine and inspect it for potential signs of damage.

When AC experts perform a routine cleanup, they get rid of all the dust and other debris on the filter and the motor, which can reduce the cooling efficiency of the machine.

Likewise, they make sure that the drains are not clogged so water gets properly coursed away from the machine. This will improve not only the cooling power of the AC, but also the quality of air released by the machine. In addition, this protects its functional lifespan.

2. Weatherstrip windows, doors, and even exhaust vents.

Maintaining a comfortable interior climate for your home includes making sure that there are no areas where air can leak. Typically, air can leak from windows, doors, and vents.

Air leakage makes it harder for your AC to achieve the ideal temperature inside your home. The little cracks around your windows and doors allow cooled air to escape and hot air to come in, which forces the AC to work overtime in releasing cool air.

3. Switch to LED lights.

Lights that emit a lot of heat can also affect the cooling power of your AC. In fact, any appliance that releases heat can make your AC system work harder.

Therefore, opt for LED lights which do not emit heat when used, but last much longer than regular CFLs. They also use up to 80 percent less electricity.

4. Use a fan to help distribute cool air from the AC.

The fan inside the AC can always use a bit of help in distributing cool air inside a room. You can turn on an electric fan to help circulate cold air much faster.

5. Clean up, rearrange, and strategically organize your furniture.

A clean and organized home is always much easier to cool. You want to make sure that there are no cluttered areas and misplaced pieces of furniture (particularly upholstered ones).

Also, it helps to create clear space in front of the AC. This way, the cool air released by the system can circulate more easily. Placing a huge armoire in the direct pathway of the cool air from the AC will prevent cool air from reaching the other areas of the room. Plus, disrupted air flow can lead to humidity and refrigerant issues that could shorten the functional lifespan of the AC.

If you regularly hire a housekeeping service to tidy up and organize your place, you can focus directly on how to clear the space in front of the AC so air can flow more freely.

6. Consider changing the location of your AC.

The AC’s designated spot in the house can impact its performance.

If you place the system right where the sun hits, it’s definitely going to have a much harder time cooling your home. Look for the coolest spot in your home and have the AC installed there. Typically, this would be in the north side of the house.

You may also want to consider exterior conditions for the installation. If there’s vegetation around, such as a few tall trees that offer shade, these can help your AC perform better. The trees can actually help minimize the effects of scorching summer temperatures.

These are just some of the things that you can do to make your AC work efficiently. Implement them all and you will not only ensure a properly cooled home during hotter seasons, but you can also prevent a quick turnover of the system, which can be costly and inconvenient for you.


Erum Rizvi is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at a new startup venture, FixonClick, which is a web- and mobile-based online portal for services and customers. Born and raised in the UAE, Erum as a tech devotee has more than 13 years of experience in leading strategic wins in Business Management and Channel Development in the UAE with MNCs like Cisco, Microsoft, and Techdata.

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