6 Ways to Make Your Lawn a Cozy Place to Be All Year Round

The place you call home should be a sanctuary. It should be a place where you can feel warm and comfortable – the little corner on Earth where you can soften and be vulnerable. Therefore, it is absolutely worth your time and money to beautify it inside out, and also make it cozy and relaxing.

Most of the time, creating a cozy atmosphere is concentrated indoors. But, experts in landscaping in Powhatan, Virginia whom locals trust say that your property’s outdoor area is just as ideal for your “hygge” (the Danish term for that warm and cozy feeling achieved at home) project efforts.

Therefore, if you are all about getting great use out of your lawn or yard, making it a truly comfortable place to be should be your project this year. Here are six ways to accomplish this goal:

1. Add a fire pit

A source of warmth where people can gather around for intimate conversations or enjoy soothing cups of cocoa or coffee is a must for a cozy outdoor space. There’s no better source of warmth, especially during the fall and winter, than a fire pit.

To fully serve your property’s advantage, a fire pit should not only be functional, buy it should also be visually appealing. Landscapers can help you design a nice fire pit and determine the best location for it. Also, hygge fanatics advise using fragrant woods such as pine or cedar to make gathering around the fire a cozier experience.

2. Keep the turf at an ideal height

Invest in regular and proper lawn care. Midlothian, Virginia lawn specialists say that the ideal turf height is about three inches. This height provides the look of health and it creates a plush and soft ground cover, making your outdoor space an inviting place to sit down and relax.

3. Install lights

Twinkly string lights are staples for a hygge-filled garden. The warm glow from the little light bulbs makes the space attractive, festive and suitable for gatherings — be it a late afternoon picnic or a dinner under the stars.

Apart from string lights, consider luminaries and lanterns as well, especially for special occasions or seasons like Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.

4. Bring the indoors out

Invest in weatherproof furniture to make the landscape even more useful for relaxation and recreation. Purchase seats, tables, and perhaps even an umbrella as a shield from the sun during daytime.

The presence of such pieces of furniture will encourage the family to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the comfort of nature no matter what time of day it is. Furnishing your lawn or garden will not only create that lovely coziness you desire but also easily provide you and your friends “fuzzy” moments of joy.

5. Include a feature that will create water sounds

The sound of water has been proven to have a calming effect on people and can bring that friendly feeling of hygge to your outdoor space.

There are different water features that you can use to provide your lawn or garden the soothing sounds of flowing or trickling water. There are small fountains, birdbaths (especially when there are birds that like to drink and splash around in your area), a faux stream, and even a pond, where you can keep koi fish to keep you amused and entertained for hours.

For sure, with a lawn feature that creates water sounds, you will learn to appreciate quiet moments and seek them out more to boost your personal wellbeing.

6. Decorate with fabrics

There’s always something quite cozy with fabrics that you can drape over canopies and trellises. They do not only add color to the outdoor space but they offer a nice texture, plus graceful “movement” as well.

Light, breezy curtains and drapes are worth considering especially during the spring and summer.

Unwind in Your Own Outdoor Space

A cozy outdoor space for your property is undoubtedly an inviting feature. It will encourage quality moments with your loved ones while enjoying the simple things in life such as heart to heart talks and courteous hospitality. So, use the six ways shared here to create a lovely and functional space for your family and friends to enjoy.

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