8 of the best home storage hacks

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Making the most of your space has become increasingly important, as our houses and flats are getting smaller by the square feet. There are many ways in which you can utilise the space you have with simple storage solutions. From clever storage units to homemade DIY crafts, take back your home space with our eight best storage hacks.

Fix floating shelves

An ideal solution for small apartments is to utilise the functionality of a shelf. Forget the traditional placement for a shelf and opt to present your books or trinkets up high. If you fix floating shelves along the entire circumference of a room, inches below your ceiling, you will give yourself ample of storage. Not only is this an interesting design choice, but you also won’t lose out on any light, shadowed by traditional bookcases.

Transform your guest bedroom at a moments notice  

A clever bedroom storage solution is the use of a zip link bed, especially if you have a guest bedroom. Highly functional, a zip and link bed allows you to split and join two single mattresses and frames together or apart. This means you can tailor your guest rooms layout to who will be staying there. Not only this, most of these types of versatile beds have under mattress storage too, so you can hide extra duvets at a moment’s notice.

Hang your laundry hamper

A simple yet effective storage hack is to hang your laundry hamper on the back of your door. It’ll save you room on the floor. But it’ll also make you keep on top of your washing as you’ll see it every time you exit.  

Add in a cork frame

Cork walls have become a fashion statement in home accessories over recent years and it’s no surprise why. Their functionality has come on leaps and bounds from their use as a typical notice board. Frame a flat cork board and hang on the wall to create a unique jewellery storage solution. Pin necklaces, bracelets and earrings in plain sight for an interesting and useful art installation.  

Hang your bicycle up high

A great way to ensure your bicycle is safe in the home is to secure brackets onto the wall and hang it up. This not only gives you an eccentric art installation, but it utilises small, inner-city flats and gives you back the floor space in your hallway.

Organise your desk

One of the best ways to stay organised and on top of your daily routine is to order your desk drawers. Simple yet sophisticated desk drawer organisers help you see exactly what you own. You can buy trays made out of wood or metal that have divisions or you could make your own out of cardboard. Cut strips and fix into sections or create a lattice shape to safely store your belongings.

Repurpose storage

There is no reason why you can’t use types of storage for another purpose. A great example of this is to use hanging fruit baskets in your bedroom for clothing and accessories. Hanging storage is great as it means no floor space is taken up by large units.

Vacuum pack your clothes

Your clothing choices adapt to the change in seasons, which can take up a lot of your wardrobe space. Make room for summer by securing your winter clothes away in a vacuum sealed bag. Simply fold your winter clothes into the bag, seal shut, suck all of the air out of the bag using your household vacuum cleaner and store under the bed or in the loft. It’s said that these can reduce the space needed to store your clothes by 50%.

With these tips, get creative and utilise the space you have for a happier, clutter-free and organised home.

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