A Complete Guideline For Tree And Stump Removal

Trees are imperative for us as they provide oxygen, store carbon dioxide and even needed for wildlife. On the contrary, some trees cause damages to the property and the lives as well, especially those are diseased. The tree can be removed easily as compared to its stumps. Most of the masses get Toronto tree removal services for getting rid of unwanted and diseased trees. Several methods are used to remove the stump by the homeowners and the professionals such as;

  • Stump Grinding
  • Backhoe Stump Removal
  • Chemical Methods

How Much Does a Tree or a stump Removal Cost?

Tree Removal Cost: the tree removal cost is approx $170 to $960 throughout in Canada. The factors that affect the cost are a type of the tree, the size of the tree, the tree nearby electric wires and power line, and the stump removal.

Stump Removal Cost: the cost of medium stump removal is between $75 and $130. If the stump is large, it may cost you $85 to $150. Beside it, the stump removal cost is usually divided into two structures. First includes labor price and the second includes equipment price. Labor can be paid on an hourly basis, whereas the equipment cost depends on their type.

Tree Removal Regulations in Canada

If you are living in urban area, you have to follow some rules and regulation to remove a tree. The maintenance and removal of city trees are under the general manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation. You have to get a written approval from the general manager of Parks if you get removed the tree that cause damage to your property or have diseased. The inspection team first visits you and examines the tree and check whether it is needed to be cut or not? If they are agreed upon, they will schedule a tree removal date.

On the other side, you should consider the time when the tree is removed. A tree can be trimmed anytime of a year, but the best time is during the early spring months of March and April. Moreover, dead of winter is considered as the worst time to remove a tree as it makes the process more laborious and difficult.

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