A Few Tips To Choose An Efficient under Floor Heating System

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Are you planning to remodel your home with under floor heating system, but do not know which one is to select, nowadays as there are diverse range of under floor heating system are available. The most preferred systems are wet system and electric system. Which one is the best is quite difficult to say, as they both give great performance when installed properly by the professional Heavenly Heat. Each of them has its own pros and cons that are discussed below:

  • Electric system

The electronic system installation is ideal for single room because it is installed within the floor and it works separately from the main heating system. Technically, without any room disruption, a thin wire mat is installed beneath the floor. The installation process of electronic system takes less time and easy to do. The advantages of electric system are described below:

  • It perfectly suits to a single room
  • It can install with the conventional flooring
  • It poses a little trouble to the room
  • It is much more economical as compared to the wet systems

  • Wet system

The wet system under-flooring heating system is widely used in new buildings and major extensions. In such system, pipes have been laid in screed and the amount of plumbing is considered with the requirement of a pressurized boiler. Is especially designed for new constructions or where extensive redesigning is being done.

Moreover, not all wet system installations need the disruption of the existing flooring. The low profiles retrofit systems can be installed without disturbing the extensive renovations. Due to its slim designing, the height of the finished floor level will be less. The advantages of wet system are rationalized under:

  • It is ideal for new buildings and major extensions
  • It diminishes heating expenditures
  • It gives efficient performance when they are laid in screed as this spreads the heat
  • The Retrofit systems can be used with existing flooring

If you do not want to disturb your room and need a heating system for single room, then electric system will best suit you. It is quite cheap and works with old floors. On the other side, if you are planning to extensively renovate your home or construct a new house, the wet system will work great for you. You can get more information from Heavenly Heat, as they have vast experience in installing all types of floor heat systems.

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