A Homeowner’s Easy Guide For Deciding On Fireplace Mantel!

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Typically, fireplace is the point of focus in living room. On the top of the fireplace, you will find what’s called the fireplace mantel. Fireplace mantels have been a traditional choice to taking the décor to the next level, and it certainly makes the fireplace look better. In older days, fireplace mantels used to be made of wood and had intricate details, but now, you can rethink of this element as a core component of your décor, and it can made of amazing materials, including cast stone. Here’s what homeowners need to know before taking the final call.

Start with the vendor

Getting a fireplace mantel starts by conceptualizing the design, and even if you have a few ideas in mind, you need to consider the practical aspects of it and the costs involved. The first obvious step is to find a vendor who deals exclusively in this sector. You can consider vendors like Omega fireplace mantels, and they will send in their experts, who will check all the relevant details and offer detailed information on the options. Fireplace mantels can be customized completely to match your requirements, and a good installation service makes a big difference.

Take the measurements

The final choice of material also depends largely on the size of the fireplace and the space available. Not all homes have adequate space for a big mantel, and you have to consider the use of space. In terms of materials, cast stone and wood are obvious good options, while some homeowners also prefer concrete. Consider the space available, how you want the mantel to look alike, and of course, what is supposed to be done with the space above. A fireplace mantel is an apt place to display artefacts, family photos and other things, and if that’s on your mind, you must have enough space.

Check the trends

Much like other aspects of interior décor, the trends surrounding fireplace mantels also change from time to time, so it makes sense to understand the current options. Keep in mind that the fireplace mantel should fit into your existing home theme. While it can be a unique thing in its own way, but it needs to work for the overall décor.

When you talk to vendors, don’t shy away from asking details and check as many designs as possible. It is also very important that you get an estimate in advance.

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