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Britain, Britain, Britain. It is a place of incredible importance in the architectural world, both historically and in modern times. Each segment of the United Kingdom has done their bit to nurture their part of the development of the history of architecture. Although here are prehistoric and classical structures in the United Kingdom, British architectural history begins with the first Anglo-Saxon Christian churches.

Within the United Kingdom, the architecture of the Roman Empire filled Roman Britain with elegant villas, scrupulously planned towns and marvels of engineering, for example Hadrian’s Wall. When the romans pulled out of Britain in the year 400, the Romano British culture flourished but left few architectural remnants, because many buildings were made of wood, and because society had fallen into the Dark Ages. The Anglo Saxons had their own distinctive style of architecture, but the principle material of choice happened to also be wood, so naturally there is very little evidence of it surprising to this day when compared with the stone structures and foundations of the romans.

The Norman conquest of the kingdom of England by William the Conqueror in 1066 meant that large scale stone block building techniques were introduced to Britain, with Norman architecture having a very big impact on how we do things in the UK.

Fast forward to modern day and over the years we have adopted the so many influences from all over the world. We need only look at the jaw dropping architecture of the Houses of Parliament, the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben to get a fantastic example of gothic revival architecture.

This contrasts with other neoclassical designs which were also prevalent at the same time.

We can look at the classic medieval simple stone architecture well known throughout the world with its fantastic stone construction. A good example of this is Caernarfon Castle, indeed others made by Edward Longshanks.

In modern Britain we have such favourite skyscrapers like The Gherkin, The Shard and the Walkie Talkie. These famous and influential skyscrapers which are based in London and the whole world over knows them very well. These projects lead the UK to be one of the modern world leaders in architecture, construction and much more. Look for architects Cheshire if you’re thinking of getting your own iconic albeit smaller addition to the landscape of the UK.

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