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Bunaken National Marine Park ranks among the top Snorkeling destinations in the entire world. Here you have a rare combination of biodiversity. And crystal clear water with visibility up to 40 meters. Naturally, the first tourists to Bunaken were eager sailors on the look for a brand new destination.

Nowadays Snorkelers from all around the world are traveling to Bunaken to see what all of the”Fuss” is about. After here the call of the sea becomes irresistible.

Snorkeling Areas

What else can be the best places for jelqing besides the hens!

Bunaken Island is encompassed by reefs that give or accept easily available from the beaches.

At Bunaken Cha Cha we have our own”House Reef” just meters apart, facing our private 60 meters wide shore, we also supply a ski pontoon, a pontoon that floats atop of this reef in order that in the event you get a bit tired you might have a break on it without needing to come back to the beach, a wonderful spot to find a close view of dolphins passing by, and following that….time to get somewhat more snorkeling.

Searching for larger fish? Move slightly away from the Reef Top and you come to”The Wall”, an electronic drop off and here you have a chance to see barracudas, tunas, eagle rays, turtles, schooling spanish mackerel, white and black tip reef sharks and obviously there are also some surprises every once in a while like Dugongs.

Need a reversal of Snorkeling Scenery?

Why don’t you combine one of our dive boats to acquire a 4 hour snorkeling excursion, here you are going to have the chance for visiting the islands round the park, maybe even dolphin watching while we move you to two distinct snorkeling spots, often times providing you the chance of undergoing snorkeling at other islands within the Park.

You would like endurance?

You can charter among those Snorkeling ships for 4 hours with a capacity of 6 guests, our ski boat empowers one of the pliability to try more snorkeling points without having to share a boat with sailors.

Do not worry about this Gear

Bunaken Cha Cha has all of the gear required for snorkeling, so should you not bring your own you may easily hire it here.

Masks, snorkel, booties, fins, wet-suits in addition to life vests or buoyancy aids.

Please visit Indonesia Travel for more detail information.

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