Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – The New Whiplash?

Claims management companies’ at the moment have a new focus, with the PPI issue resolved as of August 29th 2019 and the Jackson review along with new innovations in the way in which whiplash claims are handled, including an imminent cap on compensation received for whiplash injury, there is a new neighbour (Cavity Wall Insulation Claims) in the claims management sector, which promises to make a splash in the legal services and claims management sectors.

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – How Did This Get Started?

Since the 1990s, there has been a large number of homes being mis sold cavity wall insulation, this was part of a new initiative to cut bills and save money for homeowners and also to cut energy usage.

Cavity wall insulation was mis sold to millions of people who dont need it, partly by private companies acting alone and partly through the incentive scheme for lower energy usage.

Cavity insulation which was installed on British homes in many cases didn’t even need to be installed, and the building work carried out was often of a low standard, which led to damage on the property later on as the insulation decaying inside and expanding with moisture damaged the internal wall and condensation and damp caused wall damage.

This wall damage as a result of erroneous cavity wall installation left the British consumer in a situation where they had to pay to fix the damage from their own pockets, costing them thousands of pounds.

Cavity Wall Claims Began Mid 2019 when the first claim was processed and successful and the client received a payout which was in excess of £6,000, this first claim was the beginning of an influx of cwi claims which will go on for some time.

How Many People Were Affected By This Problem With Cavity Wall Insulation Installation?

Of the estimated 3 million homes affected, an estimated 70% of them have been affected by bad building work, in addition to that, approximately the same amount have been affected by mis selling it is estimated, there are so many people who have damage done to their homes who didn’t even need cavity wall insulation in the first place.

How Can Victims Of This Issue Be Paid Compensation?

Victims of mis sold cavity wall insulation or faulty insulation or both can use the services of a no win no fee cavity claims company who can help with their case, usually these claims management companies handle everything so the victim doesn’t have to and they only pay if compensation is won.

If there is not a valid claim or no cavity wall insulation then there will be no compensation.

There are a ton of claims management companies which handle cavity wall claims, a simple internet search will show UK residents many different companies which can handle their claims.

Look for a company which is either MOJ or SRA authorised and regulated and that will handle the case on a no win no fee basis, without hidden fees.

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