Cheapest alternatives to move furniture interstate

Moving homes is not a costly affiar anymore , specially when you are moving large amount of furniture and longer distances . If you are moving more than 2 bedrooms worth of furniture,  same applies to businesses or commerical operators , specially if you are looking to save money  , challenge becomes bigger and bigger!  General moving companies who operate with two and a truck are not cheap either , so what are the other methods one can look up to save money yet having full control on your move.

Compnies like You Pack Removals have come up with an innovative moving prcoess of using recylced shipping containers to transport your household or commercial items locally or longer distances. Process works with a simple of way choosing the right container size depending on the amount of furniture or belongings you are moving , when the container size is chosen , it will be dropped at your doorstep , when the container arrives , fill it with the furniture of your choice ( strick quarantie rules apply here ) when the container is loaded , it will be delivered to your desired locatoin. Whole movement can be controlled by the end customer right from choosing the container size of their choice to load the furniture at their own pace & having their own padlock to the loaded container. Along with that , belongins in the shipping container will be insured up to the value of 250000 in case of damage or theft or mishandled by the transpot company.

One should be mindful chooing a right provider though ,as there are lot of backyard operators with no licenses , they many be cheap but the grief they cause is something you dont want look up to , there are horror stories about furniture not been delivered or damaged or not delivered on time , as a result leaving the customer in extreme stress. One challenge with this process is packing at your own , however this can be avoided by following step by step moving tips guide by the moving companies or online portals or forums to keep you educated or aware of what needs to be done.  Packing material expenses can be reduced to large extent using this self pack shipping container moving method , as the company delivers high quality bubble wrap , blankets and trolleys.  Same goes to the unloading time , unloading the furniture at the end address is also very flexible , with having more time in your ends , unloading time limit can go up to 14 days after your arrival  , which leaves your family loads of time to slolwy unload and unpack.

Prices for this movements depends on the distance you want your belongins to be transported , if the whole moving process requires for the company to use rail , price will vary , but this is the fastest way than a driver dirving his truck by road. Give it a go , you wouldnt be disappointed , it has worked for many.

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