Choose the Best Basement Ceiling Options for Low Ceilings

A long time ago, people made basements and dormer areas to their houses to build additional storehouse space. A decade passed, these other rooms began to see more and more activity. Nowadays, it’s common to have a polished basement or dormer that runs as an additional living space. If you want suspended ceiling for your basement,  check basement ceiling by Snap Clip.

But renovating them with different ceiling options could be a dilemma. Most basements have revealed wires and beams. Indeed, these things can not only make sweeping more complicated and also they look shabby and to be a blemish when guests are over.

The Following solution could be a low budget and adding a groomed finish to your basement:

  1. Beadboard: This form of wood paneling is remarkably popular-priced in Cape Cod-style homes. Most usually used vertically on walls, the panels can also be set horizontally and are a viral material for porch ceilings. These panels are time-consuming to place and need to paint, making it classic for a wide range of tastes
  2. Wood Paneling: Another option you go for Low Ceiling is Wood Paneling. It is similar to Beadboard in finishing. This ceiling option gives a classic look outwardly all the work of arranging individual boards. It is available in a diversity of styles. Also found in rigid or flexible forms.
  3. Drywall: Perhaps, It is the cheapest and most comprehensive basement ceiling solutions from Snap Clip, drywall creates a smooth, attractive living space. If paired with fancy lights, the paintable surface gives the latest modern appeal.
  4. Painted Exposed Beams and Pipes: If a lot of duct work done in your basement and you want to vault into a coffee shop or a cafe and don’t want to invest in tiles, paint the exposed beams and ducts. The only problem with it is to apply paint into pipes.
  5. Corrugated Metal: One exciting bonus to using corrugated metal is its ability to reflect light, making it excellent for both low ceiling and standard height ceilings. Now, you can found them in different colors making them a surprisingly popular-priced alternative for traditional ceiling materials.
  6. Wood Planks: These boards fit together using a tongue-in-groove approach and are added to metal runners. Not only can they be used to cover an exposed ceiling, but can also be installed directly onto an existing roof.
  7. Suspended Ceiling: Although suspended basement ceilings from Snap Clip provide long-term savings. If a tile is destroyed, you can lift it out of the frame and pop a new panel instead of fixing the entire roof.

Although, It is not suitable for low ceiling, but you can get all the solution for a low ceiling to get the basement ceiling from Snap Clip.

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