Choosing Lighting for Your Entryway

Light fixtures in your entryway play a huge part in the design, coming in a variety of styles and designs. It can be hard, however, to tell what works best in the space available to you. 


Chandeliers go best with tall ceilings, and the wider your entryway is the bigger the chandelier’s diameter should be. Even a small entryway with tall ceilings will benefit from a small chandelier. If you’re having a hard time tracking down a light fixture that fits your style and your entryway perfectly, consider ordering custom light fixtures; you want to love your choice for years to come, so settling isn’t always the best option.

Wall Sconces or Ceiling Lights

If your entryway is long or has low ceilings, consider wall sconces or ceiling lights. In a room with low ceilings, any dangling light makes ceilings seem even lower and may even get in taller guests’ way; these lights avoid this problem. Wall sconces and ceiling lights have a wide variety of designs and can be lined up in long hallways. Wall sconces also serve to draw your guests’ eyes further into your home. Your choice will depend upon both your style and how the room is already decorated, as wall sconces may not fit well into your current décor.

Pendant Lights

These lights also go very well in small or long entryways with ceilings of average height, even serving to make your ceilings look taller by drawing your guests’ eyes up. Whether you put one pendant light in a small, square entryway or install several in a long entryway, they can serve as focal points in the room; in a long hallway, they also draw your guests’ eyes into your home. Be careful, however, as placing pendant lights in entryways with lower than average ceiling heights will make the ceilings seem even lower.

While the search for the perfect light can be frustrating, it’s certainly worth it. Lighting can make your ceilings seem taller or your home cozier, providing a wow factor when guests step into your home.

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