Common Household Areas to Find Scrap Metals

Anyone who has ever been able to sell scrap metal knows it can generate significant profits. It is possible to continually bring in money from scrap metal by selling or recycling used items that may be around your house. Today, scrap yards are also paying out more than ever for these used metals as their prices increase. After a careful look, the possibilities become apparent because there are so many pieces of metal around the average house.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

A number of things that are used for cooking and eating are actually great sources of scrap metal. Pots and pans are almost always a good source of solid metal. Empty cans from food or drinks can be recycled or sold for their metal content. Appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, also have metal parts that can be taken out and sold. Even used aluminum foil is a valuable material to a scrap yard.


Old bathroom fixtures for lights and sinks usually have some metal parts on them. Piping throughout the bathroom is almost always made of some kind of metal. Also, be sure to check and shelves or cabinet spaces in the bathroom for metal parts.


Doors to bedrooms may have metal knobs or hinges. Lamps or other lighting fixtures also contain metal parts that can be removed for scrap.


Televisions, washers, dryers, air conditioners, and most other appliances have at least some metal parts that can be taken out and sold. Check each individual piece to see what is inside and look all over and inside a television to find copper or other metals. 


Most common outdoor items found around a home are great sources of scrap metal. Lawnmowers have several metal parts. Outdoor or patio furniture may have significant amounts of iron depending on its composition. An old rusted swing set or playground equipment may be made entirely of metal. Gutters, stair railings, and frames for windows or doors also have value.

Storage or the Attic

Old furniture such as chairs, shelves, dressers, or light fixtures usually contains at least a small amount of metal if you search around the entire piece. Holiday decorations or ornaments may contain metals, but this depends on what is specifically in your house. Various kinds of storage cabinets also have metal parts.


Tools are mostly made of metal, and they can still be sold for scrap even if rusted or worn down. Some other items hiding away in the garage such as bicycles or musical instruments contain significant amounts of metal. Even old car parts are a great find.

How to Prepare to Sell

It is always best to sort your scrap by type of metal. Making trips only after you have enough metal to sell a bulk amount to a yard is also a good bet, as it is probably more time-consuming to make several trips for a few dollars each. Also, keep in mind that you are actually recycling and helping the environment by selling scrap metal.

Get ready to have careful look around and see how much you can find!

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