Common Tools Used To Pick Locks

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There is rarely any type of lockout problem that an El Paso locksmith cannot solve once they are well-equipped with the right set of tools. Lockpicking is one of the most common acts of a locksmith in El Paso. To start with, it is generally expected for anyone in the industry to be able to pick locks. Aside from this acquired skill, it is also very important to have the right tools at hand.

To this end, it is absolutely essential for those in this field looking to be successful in the industry to have the right tools. Currently, there are numerous locksmith tools available in varying lengths, size, and shapes. So, whether you are an amateur or a professional locksmith, you will always find something that does not only suit your immediate needs but also meets your expectation.

In case you are on the market to obtain a handy locksmith tool for accessing and opening locks, below are some common tools used to pick locks in the industry.

Inner Groove Lock Picks

The inner groove lock pick is one of such versatile tools that El Paso emergency locksmiths often employ to pick locks. This tool which is usually supplied with a dedicated tension wrench is a special rake lock that is specifically designed to fit certain types of laser locks of cars. With this tool, all that is required to gain access is just a simple in and out raking action. El Paso  locksmiths often use the inner groove lock picks to gain entry into various cars like the BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volks Wagen etc.

Rake Pick

As the name implies, rake picks are specially designed to rake pins in locks through a continuous sliding action that is aimed at picking across all the available lock pins. Like the typical wriggler rake, locksmiths in El Paso use these lock picks to move pins in the lock. However, the lock cannot be opened until the shear line is reached and subsequent tension is applied to get the pins locked into place. Usually, most locksmiths employ the rake pick first before using any other pick tool.

Ball Pick

This is one of the most common lock pick tool utilized by El Paso locksmiths today. This pick which has rounded sides is generally used to pick single pins in a lock. Nevertheless, some professionals will still prefer to use it to perform basic lock raking actions. Ball picks are available in different sizes.

Hook Pick

This handy tool is almost like the ball pick, however, it has no rounded edges. Rather, it features a hook-shaped picking end in a simplistic nature that can be traditionally used to pick locks. Unlike other pick tools, the hook pick cannot be used to perform a rake action. A standard set of lock picks should have this pick in varying sizes and shapes.

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