Common types of furnaces available in the market

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Furnaces are the most popular choice for home heating because of their high effectiveness, long lifespan, low operating noise and compatibility. Furnaces have great flexibility and they have the ability to fit any kind of home. Furnaces usually use propane, natural gas, electricity, or heating oil to heat your home. After the air is heated, it enters your living spaces via the web of ductwork. You will typically find the furnace in closets, crawlspaces, basements, or attics.

Prior to you invest on the heating system for your home, it is important that you know about the various types of furnaces:

  • Gas Furnace: This is one of the most popular types of furnaces used in the homes. This heating system uses natural gas. Gas jets along a burner light to generate the hot combustion gas that increases the temperature of air, which is then circulated by fan through the ducts. Gas furnaces are efficient at creating even heating and do not cost much to run owing to the competitive price of gas compared to other forms of fuel.
  • Electric Furnace: In case you do not have a natural gas line coming into your house, you can rather depend on an electric-powered furnace. These systems use electric heating elements to offer the heat that transfers to the air. The electric furnace for sale are usually inexpensive to purchase and are smaller than other furnaces, making them easy to fit into most spaces. . These heating systems are generally less costly than other types, making them an ideal choice for families who are on limited budgets or who are concerned about how they will fund their new furnaces. Apart from this there are no toxic fumes or carbon monoxide leaks for you to worry about with an electric furnace. In addition, newer electric furnaces are much more competent than they used to be in the earlier period.
  • Oil Furnace: In case you do not have access to natural gas, you may need to invest on furnace that runs on oil. Most commonly used in cold environments, oil furnaces transform oil to heat. While maintenance is quite easy for this kind of furnace and the oil delivery company is typically happy to offer homeowners with this service, it does cost more because of the soot and dirt buildup that takes place. If the oil filters are not changed on a regular basis and the chimney is not cleaned, then you and your family will be at threat of a fire. These heaters usually cost less than gas furnaces but the fuel costs more and they are less competent so it is significant for homeowners to weigh instant savings over savings in the long term.
  • Wood furnaces: Wood furnaces are very dependable, steady, and competent and fill the gap for people who cannot afford or do not want a different kind of furnace at their homes. This type of furnace helps to eliminate lots of the monthly heating bills and this is a great relief for a lot of people.

These are some of the most common types of furnaces that you can find in the market.

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