Compelling Reasons for Building a Garage This Winter

Alberta winters can be surprisingly harsh, but that shouldn’t mean residents of this great city need to fear the impending cold. After all, the winter season also comes with more than its fair share of magic and beauty. Those who want to make the most of their winters without subjecting themselves to the bitter cold may want to read on to find out why so many homeowners are choosing to build new garages as a means of compensating for the cold.

No More Frosty Windshields

Getting up early to scrape the frost and snow from a car’s windshield and windows are a couple of the most unpleasant responsibilities that vehicle owners must undertake during the cold, dark months of winter. Building a garage will eliminate those unpleasant tasks, helping workers waste less time in the morning before they have to drive to work and ensuring that drivers and their families aren’t subjecting themselves to frostbite just so that they can get around.

Save Fuel

The price of fuel has been on the rise in recent years due to resource shortages and a growing concern about the impact of carbon emissions produced by cars. Unfortunately, when cars are left outside during the winter, they must be started and left to idle before they warm up enough to be safe to drive. This not only wastes fuel but also unnecessarily increases the levels of dangerous greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide that cars emit.

Vehicles that are kept in garages don’t need to sit in idle to be warmed up, as garages can be heated. This helps drivers save fuel and also allows them to do their part to reduce their impact on the environment. Plus, it also makes getting in the car on cold winter mornings to drive to school, work, or out to do errands much less unpleasant.

Extend the Lifespan of Vehicles

Vehicles left out in the cold wind up running less efficiently because their fluids thicken as temperatures drop. This can wind up substantially shortening cars’ and trucks’ expected lifespans. Keeping those vehicles in a garage will prevent fluid thickening and unnecessary exposure to the elements, which will save drivers money on automotive repairs and replacement vehicles in the long run.

Not only will drivers save money, but they’ll also be likely to save themselves a good deal of hassle. Cars that are left outside often have a lot of trouble starting in the morning due to drained batteries as well as thicker automotive fluids. This issue won’t even come up when the car is moved into a garage for the season.

Better Insurance Rates

Homeowners may need to pay for construction costs and garage permits in Alberta if they want to keep their cars inside, but they often save money in the long run. Not only does keeping a vehicle indoors during the winter prevent unnecessary wear and tear, but it also reduces the chances of damage from ice, snow, and salt. This, in turn, often leads to lower insurance rates when cars are kept indoors since insurance companies know that these vehicles will be less likely to be exposed to unnecessary damage.

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