Creating A Luxurious Living Room: Explore These Ideas!

Most of us are enamored by the luxurious, sprawling, and stunning living rooms that feature regularly in high-end magazines and websites. Often, these spaces have a unique blend of textures, elements, natural hues and colors, which combine together to create a theme that instantly appeals to the eyes. In this post, we will talk about simple ideas for transforming your living space in to a den of luxury.

Start with lighting

Regardless of natural lighting, living rooms require standalone lighting fixtures that can add charm and beauty, without breaking the intended theme. Brands like Le Studio Luminaires have chandeliers, floor lamps and suspension lights and fixtures that play with the geometry of shapes and add more variety to the living rooms. Consider lighting as an investment, because that one thing can change any room in diverse ways.

Add in the textures

As discussed at the start of the post, luxury living spaces are all about textures, and contrary to what you may imagine, this doesn’t have to cost a bomb. All you need is a mix of carpets, rugs, throws and upholstery materials that work in sync with one another. Many brands have exclusive collections of throws and carpets, but you can also go for vintage products that are often available at affordable prices in flea market. For that extra warmth, add more cushions.

Invest in structural elements

Besides standalone lighting fixtures, you can also consider structural designs in home décor, such as sculptures. While some of these structures and sculpture can cost huge, these are great for most spaces, as long as the theme is maintained. You can also add in big potted plants as a more green and viable choice. One pro tip here – Do not overcrowd the room. Always get what you really need and have space for.

Include large wall décor

Having a focal wall creates a point of attention in the living room, making it look bigger than usual. Go for a big painting or opt for a wall carpet, as it works for the existing interiors. The idea is to create a wall that serves as the center of all conversations. You can also go for texture-heavy wallpapers or a block, bright color for the same wall with a contrasting piece of art at the center.

Finally, always invest in one thing at a time. If there had to be one idea of all the above listed, we recommend that you go for lighting.

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