Custom Green house Staging Saves You Time and Effort in the Garden This Spring

Your greenhouse, and by extension, the Green house Staging used within it, is far more than just somewhere to keep your seedlings before they go out into the big wide world of your garden. It’s a perfect place to while away the hours, reap the rewards of your work, and also enjoy time to yourself, de-stress, un-wind, and get your hands good and dirty in one of the very best ways you can.

Spring is very much on the way, and February looks to be the ideal time to get out there and enjoy the start of it. Most greenhouse gardeners take the opportunity to get ahead for the year to come by dusting off the inside of the greenhouse and organising- replacing their greenhouse staging if need be. It has been said that the secret to a good garden is optimisation and planning, and a number of things can be done in order to get ahead and enjoy a very productive year in the garden.

One of these things is to examine the state of affairs. Take a look at your greenhouse. By organising your greenhouse into zones, you’ll use your space in the most savvy manner. A space dedicated to storage should never be the same as the space dedicated to potting, and separate areas for edible and non edible plants can definitely take away a lot of the confusion around the day to say maintenance of everything growing within.

You may find that your greenhouse can be rather cramped at times, and not organising well can often make your space seem much smaller than what it actually is. We’ve got a few suggestions on how to free up all of the space you can in your greenhouse. Thanks to the horticulture experts at, we’ve got a small, no-nonsense snaglist of tasks to make sure that your garden is ready for the springtime.

1 – Invest in Custom Greenhouse Staging

One of the best ways of which to free up space in your greenhouse is getting a greenhouse staging solution set up. In order to really use every inch of space, a custom, heavy duty greenhouse staging solution is the order of the day.

It doesn’t have to break the bank either – there are greenhouse staging manufacturers which can get you a great deal on a quality product which will last years and years to come. There are a number of manufacturers out there, such as the excellent Greenhouse Staging in the UK, which manufacture high quality potting benches, allowing you to keep all of your tools and equipment close to hand, while enjoying a dedicated space which is just the right height for working.

Furthermore, the potting benches at Greenhouse Staging can be custom made to your exact specification – allowing the tallest and shortest of us to get out there and enjoy a good bit of gardening without aches or pains. Should you not have a lot of space to work with either, the potting benches at Greenhouse Staging are perfect. Just let them know your specifications and your very own bespoke potting bench will be manufactured exactly to your specification.

2 – Zoning is so important

When you’ve got your staging all set up and good to go, you’ll want to see how you can use the space it provides best. You may think “but all I have to do is just put my seeds on the staging…” but a lot of organisation goes into zoning, in order to give yourself little areas of which to do your work.

A great place to start is with four areas: A potting area, (and an ergonomic potting bench here can allow you the annoyance of a stiff back from standing against your staging too much!)  a storage area (we’d certainly recommend some heavy duty greenhouse staging here) and two more areas for edible plants, and non edibles.

Remember: The saying goes “Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind” and the same can most certainly be said for your greenhouse!

When you’re organizing your greenhouse, keep in mind that it really pays to be gung-ho about it – subtracting all of the clutter will help with ventilation, which is excellent for your plants health, and clearing all of the junk from your greenhouse staging will also eliminate any places insects and pests may have to hide.

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