Designing A Kids Room That Grows With The Child

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Kids grow within the blink of an eye and keeping up with them can turn out to be exhausting. It is time-consuming and costly to keep up with those constant renovations. This scenario presents two options the parents where they can either redecorate the bedroom on a regular basis or design a room that grows with the child. Most apartment interior designers in Bangalore recommend the second option.

Here are their suggestions to design a room that grows with your child


It is easy to get carried away with that mesmerising baby furniture when shopping for your little one. However, the utility of that furniture is only for a few months or years. It is better to invest in furniture that will stay on for years like a study desk or a bigger wardrobe.

Chunks of theme

Many apartment interior designers in Bangalore use this idea when designing the kids bedroom. They don’t use a specific approach to build the room but use pieces. If you are child likes fairy tales, it is a good idea to stick wall decals depicting scenes or characters. Add some fluffy pink linen to enhance the effect and stick some tiaras with sparkling stars all over. As time goes and preferences change, it will be easier to remove these additions instead of renovating all-together.


Apartment interior designers in Bangalore pay special attention when it comes to picking out a bed for the child. A novelty bed may seem like a better option for a child, but they will outgrow it in a few years. There are customisable options available that will transform your crib into a bed to fit your growing child. Don’t go for single beds unless your children are sharing a single room. Invest in a double bed as it will give them space and serve as a guest bed as well.

Factor in cost

When it comes to designing a room, apartment interior designers in Bangalore segregate items that can stand the test of time and items that are replaceable as times change. Components that stay are furniture, paint, and floor coverings. It is good to pick pastel paint colours or the more traditional ones that are warm and inviting. When selecting a neutral theme, price factor is a condition. If an item is expensive, it is better to determine its life before purchasing. If you want to stay in trend, then choose those objects that you will not mind replacing.


Children are the ones that need most storage when compared to adults. Most apartment interior designers in Bangalore use smart-storage options when it comes to the accessorising kid’s bedroom.  Use of storage beds, labelled wicker baskets for storing their toys and knick-knacks, a dresser that will help in segregating clothing and floating shelves to reduce clutter will help the child easy navigating and access. Adding proper storage solutions will also teach your child to be responsible.

Want to some more ideas on designing a room that grows with your child and at the same time, to reflect their personality? Then our best apartment interior designers in Bangalore are here to help.

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