Excellent Tips to Clean Hardwood Floors with a Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone knows that hardwood floors are gorgeous, trendy and delicate. That’s what most of us think, anyway. The truth is that hardwood floors are not as delicate as you may think. With proper finishing and maintenance, your beautiful floors can last for a lifetime.

A few simple rules that should be followed in caring for hardwood floors:

  • Take your shoes off
  • Take care of spills and scuffs right away
  • Ditch the classic wet mopping
  • Vacuum, vacuum and then vacuum some more

That’s basically all you need to do to keep your hardwood floors looking amazing for years. The use of a vacuum can be the one step that is overlooked the most. We’ll offer some practical advice on how to properly care for your hardwood floors by using a vacuum.

Hardwood Floors and Vacuuming

Even with light traffic through your home, dirt and fine dust particles can become lodged in the tiny cracks and crevices that are normally found in a hardwood floor. Dry sweeping with a traditional broom or disposable dust wipe is rarely sufficient for cleaning this ground-in dirt. Using a broom on hardwood floors can result in a cloud of dust and pet dander that is filled with potential allergens. Using a good vacuum can be a better way to keep your hardwoods looking their best.

The choice of which vacuum to use on hardwood floors has to be a careful decision. While vacuums are the best way to get your floors really clean, they can also be a quick way to damage and dull your floors. You must have the right vacuum and use it in the proper way.

Generally, the canister vacuum is very suitable for cleaning hardwood floors. You can see our list or recommendation on the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors!

Vacuums and Beater Bars

Most vacuums will include a beater bar, or bristle brush, in the main cleaning head. This is the brush with staggered bristles that’s usually visible when you turn the vacuum over. It is a great tool for cleaning carpets because it’s brushing action fluffs up the pile to allow the suction to remove the dirt and pet hair. This is great for carpet but is your hardwood floor’s worst enemy.

The beater bar in a vacuum makes thousands of rotations per minute. This rapid, constant scraping against your floor’s surface can wear down the finish over time. It will leave your floor looking scratched and dull. It will also diminish the durability of your floor.

The ideal vacuum for hardwoods, therefore, is one that doesn’t have a bristle brush. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase one vacuum for your carpets and one for your hardwoods, however. Check the vacuum’s available settings before purchasing it. Most stick vacuums and canister style vacuums will have specific settings for hardwood flooring, tile or laminate. This setting should disengage the beater bar to prevent damage to the bare floor. You must be careful to switch between modes, however.


The more you vacuum your hardwood floor, the cleaner your home will be. Vacuuming will remove the ground in dirt and debris that gets trapped in your floor. The only special feature you need on a vacuum for hardwoods is a way to turn off the beater brush before use. Combine that with powerful suction and your hardwoods should remain beautiful for years to come.

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