Explore The Excellent Choices Among Wooden Flooring

The good looks of wooden flooring that gives an elegant touch to your space come in different choices. Each of these options is for everyone according to diverse needs and the budget. In this short article, we have jotted down excellent choices among the wooden flooring. So, what are you waiting for? Explore right away the excellent choices among wooden flooring!

In general, there are two, types of wooden flooring which are

  1.    Solid Wooden Flooring

Solid wooden flooring consists of the hard pieces of wood. The hardwood is being constructed with the pure wooden. Everyone loves solid wooden flooring since it has its aura and natural beauty. It is durable and adds warmth along with a charm that enhances the look of space.

  1.    Engineered Hardwood Flooring

When numerous layers of the wood are pressed together, then it is called engineered hardwood flooring. The actual hardwood is arranged at both the bottom and top of the core layer. Most of the times the engineered wooden flooring is known for its versatility and of course flexibility. In addition, the plus point of having engineered hardwood flooring is relatively cheap.

Now comes, the different type of wooden flooring species.

  1.    Oak

The first wooden flooring species is Oak. It is everyone’s favourite for the classic and old-fashioned looks. Among the oak species, two varieties are red oak and white oak. The primary difference between them is the colour.

  1.    Maple

One of the most distinct type in hardwood flooring is the maple. What makes it stand apart is the grain pattern that you won’t find in other hardwoods. Also, it happens to be the most durable option among the hardwood flooring.

  1.    Plank Flooring

The widths vary in the plank flooring, but it comes in two thicknesses.  ½ or ¾ inch thickness and in diameter, it is mostly between 3-8 inches.

  1.    Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is different from hardwood flooring. It is made up of geometrical patterns made of individual wooden slats. An adhesive or even the mechanical fastening is used to keep it together.

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