Find Space for an Entire Apartment Under Your House

A basement that is never completely finished is nothing more than wasted space. If your basement is nothing more than an oversized, damp, and dark laundry room, consider remodeling it. You could actually turn in into an apartment that would be ideal for elderly parents, college-age children, or guests.

Hire a Professional

When it comes to basement remodeling chicago il has reliable professionals that you can turn to. Talk with a contractor about exactly what you have in mind and how to achieve the results you want. They will know whether or not certain things can really be accomplished without wasting your time or money. Once a design plan is agreed upon, they will handle getting the project set into motion for you.

Getting Started

In order to begin a basement remodel, you need to completely clear out the area. Basements are notorious for becoming a catch-all. Throw away what you don’t want, donate useable items, and find a new home for anything you are keeping. Once this is done, the plumbers, electricians, dry walker’s and other workers can come in a begin their part of the process.

The Decorating

Once the remodel is complete, it is time to have fun decorating. You will have already picked out wall colors, flooring, and other basics, but the rest depends on how you will use the space. Keep in mind that basements are naturally dark areas. Use mirrors and brightly colored artwork on the walls in place of windows. Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid overcrowding, and opt for lighter colors when choosing upholstered furnishings, bedding, and other linens. It will help keep the room light.

Once you have completed the basement remodel, you will have the extra space you always dreamed of. Whether your elderly parents, young children, or guests get to take advantage of this newly created area, you will enjoy the way it makes your home feel bigger without having to add on.

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