Granite Countertop Maintenance Made Easy With These Tips

Granite is one of the most sought-after, elegant, distinguishing, and expensive building materials to construct bathroom and kitchen countertops with. While granite looks great and lasts a long time, homeowners still need to take care of granite in order to get the most utility out of their countertops. Failing to do so can leave granite in a dilapidated condition relatively quickly, effectively burning through the thousands of dollars homeowners spend on granite countertops at an artificially fast rate. Here are a few things every granite-countertop-having homeowner should know about to get the most from their high-class countertops.

Don’t skimp on the research

Computers are in virtually every American household in 2019. The same can be said with respect to Internet access. The households who don’t have both of them can simply walk outside – maybe not people in far-off, rural areas with little to no public wireless Internet hotspots or public-access computers around – for a few minutes and find Internet access. Since virtually anybody can post anything they want on the World Wide Web, you should be diligent in verifying the legitimacy of the information you dig up on granite countertop maintenance. Performing just one bad move can take years off of the life of your granite countertops.

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Even though granite is strong, you’ll still need to use coasters

Over time, failing to use coasters for glasses, bottles, cans, and other containers can result in permanent stains, cracks, or crumbling in your granite countertops. Even though granite is a lot stronger than marble, for instance, which you must use coasters on, this is still a good practice to adopt and kick into action.

Don’t clean these countertops with cleaning products

The overwhelming majority of cleaning products found on the market are particularly harmful to granite countertops. Although we all want our eating spaces to be clean, stick to using water and a soft sponge to clear debris off of your granite countertops. Granite is expensive and heavy. Installing granite is worrisome for these two reasons, as well as because it’s challenging. Save yourself time, effort, and worry by turning to a trusted provider of bathroom countertops atlanta.

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