Great Options for Easy Hanging of Your Coats Now

The use of hooks in the interior of the hallway is not only a necessity but a real design trick. Sometimes they are attached to create original decor, which further emphasizes the unique image of the room. And if these are not ordinary objects, but truly the author’s products (for example, made by the owners themselves), then such a rarity becomes the accent point of the entire hallway.

  • Hangers for storing clothes are a good way of organizing space.
  • Original ideas for using hangers for storing clothes in your home: rope hooks
  • For example, they will help to separate clean things from worn, but not yet dirty.

Wall Hooks

A wall-mounted clothes hanger can “hide” a lot of lightly worn items of clothing in a relatively small space. That way you save space and things don’t bother you.

Door hook

Almost the same as wall hooks, but this solution is the easiest because you do not need to make additional holes in concrete and brick walls.

Rope Hooks

A relatively recent option for hanging clothes is a solution where hooks are attached to the rope hanging from the ceiling. You can use the ropes and hooks solution in narrow spaces or attach them to the closet rod. With this solution, you can easily adjust the height of the hooks to the desired height. For the ceiling hooks also these options are open now.

Back in the closet

If none of these options suits you, or you do not have the necessary items, you can easily use your wardrobe. Conduct an audit and select a separate shelf for temporary storage of worn, but not yet dirty things.

  • Rattan is a type of wood that is light and durable. The hanger from such material looks very original and will fit perfectly into the hall in the oriental style.
  • Metal is the most durable material with a wide range of colors. Particularly impressive look the forged models. Metal hanger is highly resistant and can withstand any load, but is rather heavy.

Attaching with screws is a safe and easy way to do it in a few steps. After drilling holes of the proper size with a drill, insert a dowel and then screw the hook. When drilling, make sure that no electricity and water pipes run along the planned location.

Nails are quick to install and leave minimal damage to the wall, but only provide good grip for keys, small bags and lightweight clothing. Models made of light metal, which are attached to the wall with adhesive, hold on surfaces such as smooth tiles and should also be loaded only with light objects such as potholders or dishcloths.

Conclusion: coat hooks are space-saving and versatile

With coat hooks you get a space-saving and visually appealing alternative to bulky wardrobe furniture in your four walls. Especially in narrow corridors and small rooms they create storage space for clothing and thus ensure order. Depending on which interior style you feel comfortable with, a particular model is recommended.

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