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With whole world in the grip of the novel coronavirus, it may raise more than a few eyebrows if we say that bats play a vital role in our planet’s ecological system. All the same, this happens to be a fact. Many species of bats are voracious eaters of small insects and as such, help keep insect populations in control. And then there are other species that spread fruits seeds and help in pollinating plants. That said, they do indeed become a pest once they decide to set up home in your attic or at some other inhabited parts of your home. So, if this happens, you need to contact qualified bat removal services, like bat removal Connecticut by Gray Brothers Wildlife, to get rid of these flying mammals.

A licensed and professional wildlife or bat removal service will have bat expeerts on their staff who understand bat behavior, instincts and the biology of the bats and possess specialized training in bat removal and relocation. They will be able to locate where bats are roosting within your property, remove them without causing any harm either to the animals or to your property and will then seal the access points to ensure that the creatures won’t return to your property.

Why Bats Are Considered Pests

While bats are beneficial as a whole to our ecological systems, there are a number of reasons why they are considered pests once they decide to roost in some part of your home.

To begin with, bats can transmit several diseases, the most common of them being rabies. Rabies can be transmitted to people and animals via bat bite and can prove fatal if left untreated. Another common disease caused by bats is histoplasmosis. This comes from ‘guano’ or bat dung and affects our lungs. This is why bat droppings left at your attic can prove to be quite dangerous. Further, in different parts of the world, diseases such as hendra, nipah, ebola and marburg have been linked to bats.

Bat Removal

If you already have a colony of bats inside your home—beneath the eaves or inside the attic—it can be quite difficult to get rid of them. It requires special knowledge, skills and tools to remove the pests without risking bat bites or other potential hazards. The best method of bat removal is to remove them alive and ‘re-house’ them. It might intrigue you to know that some people construct special bat houses on their property (in order to get rid of mosquitoes and other noisome small insects). However, relocating the bats to these special bat houses require specialized knowledge and skills and only a reputed bat removal service can help you here.

Once the task of removal (and relocation, if viable) has been completed, the company will seal up all possible entry points and will also clean up the current infestation so that people or pets from the family don’t get harmed by leftover droppings or certain bat parasites that can get into your home.

Finally, some states also have certain laws regarding bat removal. The company performing the bat removal service will see to it that the mammals are removed in compliance with those laws.

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