Home Décor with Balinese Traditional Furniture and Ornaments

Indonesian furniture commonly had this ornament carved on the wood. It is like the table, chair, or even door, which is made of teak wood and then carved with some ornaments. The ornaments commonly used are the typical traditional ornaments original of Indonesian tribes. As we know that Indonesia has many tribes, and each of tribe has the different character of culture and ornament, which is applied as the decoration of house, and also wood carving. This wood carving commonly needs some time to work. This typical of furniture are also known to be durable, as the material made of teak. Therefore, some ancient people give their furniture generation to generation.

Traditional Fabric

There is several fabrics known to be the origin of Indonesia, which is like Batik and so on. These types of fabric are also used to apply on some Indonesian furniture. The use of this fabric is for the decoration of the furniture. This traditional fabric is also used as the wallpaper to give the traditional accent and atmosphere in the house. Some also used it as for layering the pole foundation of the house. Some of this fabric could be cut and paste on the hang lamp, side table lamp, photos frame, and other house decoration. It will make your house look more liven and have the traditional sense.

Furniture made of special stones

Indonesia is also known to have a natural source which is used for the furniture. There are some of Indonesian furniture which is made of marble as one of the famous stones origin from Indonesia. This stone is known to be a bit expensive. Even so, it has the unique pattern on the surface of it, which if you used it as the tables; your table will look more natural. The stone is not only cut to be table, but is also carved and made to be statue or house decorations.

Bali Furniture Made of Recycled Boat

Most of Bali Indonesia Furniture manufacturers are artistic and could not be founded in other furniture. One of all those furniture made of Bali, there one famous type which is made of recycled boat. As we know that Bali is an island which is surrounded by sea, and then most of its citizen worked as fishermen. Boat is a vehicle which mostly used for sailing and searching for fish. There are hundred boats you could see in most of beach and in the port. Most of boats used are the traditional boat made of wood and painted with some colors like blue, green and red. The unused or broken boat is too good to waste, therefore some of Balinese artists turn it into good item like furniture.

  1. Shelves

There are various shelves made of recycled boat as the typical of Bali Furniture. There are shelves which consist of 3 drawers, 3-2-1 drawers arranged side by side, and so on. There are various sizes too like corner table and shelve 50cm x 40 cm x 50 cm, or shelves with mirror (which you could turn it into table too on the shelve) with the size 150cm x 50cm x 80cm. As these furniture made of recycled boat, it is then still have some paint color left from the previous boat with the erased in some points. This character will make vintage look to the furniture, and you could have indifferent type of furniture compared to others.

  1. Table

Similar with the shelves, recycled boat could make to be table as one of Bali Furniture Indonesia. Not only table, the recycled boat also made to be chair and table set. It will decorate your house more and give vintage look to the house. For further design, you could see some of the choice on Bali online furniture store. Even though from recycle item, it can decorate your house and give excellent look to it.

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