House project: Who to Entrust the Construction?

Since the rights and guarantees vary conforming to the professional who constructs the house, it is strongly endorsed to choose in agreement to your needs and the standard you want. If you plan to construct a private house on your property, you have three options to consider:

  • Entrust all work to a single company that will take all the construction in charge; involving more than a single company might put u at risk.
  • To contact several technicians specialized in the various trades.
  • Use the services of an experienced or skilled architect to supervise the work.

Thus, there are diverse types of contracts with a specific legal framework and clear-cut guarantees. The role and obligations of each professional are indicated in the legal framework; it is for this reason that one must be well informed before committing oneself. The clauses of the agreement must be well examined to subscribe with full knowledge of the facts and to realize his rights.

Withdrawal Period

Even if the agreement for the construction of your house has been signed and documented, you can still withdraw, thanks to the ten-day cooling-off interval which is counted from the day succeeding the actual period of receipt of the document. To benefit from this right of withdrawal in the context of an agreement with a craftsman, it must be provided for by a very explicit clause.

If Construction Plans are Provided

If you crave to draw the plans for your new home yourself or if you prefer to entrust this task to another person after withdrawal of contract, you ought to sign a contract for the construction of a detached house without providing a plan. The same legal regime manages this document as a standard single-family home construction contract.

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