How often should air ducts be cleaned?


There are several factors which contribute to the need for cleaning the air duct. If you think that your house is getting a little dusty or gritty and you’re noticing several buildups around the objects when it might be a time when you should schedule the appointment for cleaning the air duct.

Most of the people opt for the cleaning of the air duct in a span of 3 to 5 years. So it is a very huge amount of time that you are getting for cleaning the air ducts, but most of the people should also opt for it before 3 years if they want to ensure that the quality that the air inside their house is remaining healthy.


How often should we clean the air duct?

  1. In every 3 to 5 years, you should consider cleaning the air duct. You should also avoid those contractors who are suggesting you clean it frequently because too much of anything can spoil your air duct.

  1. If you have recently moved into a new house, then you should consider cleaning the air duct because you are unaware whether the people who used to live in your house previously have done it or not.


  1. When you have opted for a new house, then there are high chances that the air ducts have already started building up blockages due to dust or dirt of many other materials as it has gone through a construction phase.


  1. If you are remodeling your house, then there a high chance that due to construction a lot of sawdust is entering the air duct. So until and unless you are protecting the air duct properly, you should definitely opt for the cleaning of air duct immediately after the construction ends.


  1. If your house has pets and then they will be shedding danders and furs so it is very important to ensure that the air ducts are cleaned. So visit Alberta Furnace Cleaning website today!

  1. If you see that the air duct is having leaks, then you should immediately clean it and repair it in order to reduce the cost of complete replacement.

  1. If your house has a fireplace, furnace or stove, then you should definitely clear the air duct in order to avoid the poisoning of carbon monoxide.


It is very important to understand that your air duct is developing dust, dirt, mold and several other day debris with the passing time. So if you want to ensure that the environment is healthy and the indoor quality of air is improved then you must clean the air duct.


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