How Renovations Make Your Bathroom Safer

House remodels, no matter where they take place, do more than just enhance the beauty of your home. They also increase the safety of the room as they replace outdated features, flooring and other components with new versions. The bathroom is perhaps the most dangerous place in the house, as nearly two-thirds of accidental injuries take place there, so a remodel is beneficial. Learn more about how remodeling can make the bathroom safe to use for everyone.

Non-Slippery Surfaces

A common hazard in several bathrooms is the slippery surface. Most bathroom and shower floors become slippery when wet, which is particularly dangerous in a location where water is common. The installation of non-skid surfaces, safety mats and bath rugs in the floor will significantly reduce the possibility of slips and falls. Anti-slip discs and stickers can also help people stand while showering without the risk of injury.

Grab Bars and Rails

Bars and rails specifically designed for occupants to grab and hold on to are an important safety feature. The elderly and people with balancing issues can use them to lift themselves from the toilet, keep themselves standing or emerge from the shower without injury. Their installation also prevents users from using towel racks in their place, which are more fragile and bound to cause further harm. Talk to remodeling contractors st charles county mo about installing these features to your bathroom.

Walk-In Showers and Tubs

One of the more radical bathroom upgrades involves converting your existing shower or bathtub into a walk-in version. These installations are lower to the ground and make it easier for users to access and use. People with mobility issues particularly benefit from these bathroom renovation specialties.

The bathroom is one of the most essential locations in your household. A remodel will not just bring new life to this important room, but it will make it a safe place for you, your family and your guests to use.

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