How to choose Cavity Wall Insulation in Berkshire

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Did you know that cavity wall insulation in a home in Berkshire could save anywhere between £100 and £200 in heating bills? After a quick installation process your walls are much better insulated to reduce heat loss, helping to keep your home warmer for longer while using less energy.

After just a few years of installation cavity wall insulation will have paid for itself from the amount of money saved in heating bills! This gives plenty of reason to get cavity wall insulation installed in your home today, although it’s important to choose the best installer for the job.

There are many great cavity wall insulation installers in Berkshire that will complete the work for a reasonable price with minimal disruption. Sadly, there are also lots of unreliable cavity wall insulation installers worth avoiding, so make sure you take the time to find the best candidate for the job!

Here are some tips for how to choose a cavity wall insulation installer in Berkshire:

Ask Someone You Know for a Recommendation

Like hiring any tradesmen, asking someone you know for a recommendation is one of the easiest ways to find the best cavity wall in Berkshire. Getting a recommendation from a trustworthy source is a simple but effective way to get an objective opinion about their quality of work, prices, and if there were any issues with the job.

It’s also a good way to gauge the type of savings you could expect, espiecally if a neighbour with a similar type of house gives the recommendation. Next time you see a neighbour be sure to ask them if they’ve had any cavity wall insulation work done or knows someone nearby that has!

Online Reviews

The internet has made finding reliable tradesmen easier than ever, so make sure to take advantage when looking for a cavity wall insulation installer in Berkshire.

Countless reviews sites are available online, while many allow you to search for specific trades such as cavity wall insulation and these should be a good tool for finding honest reviews about cavity wall insulation installers in Berkshire.

Look for Professional Accreditation

Any wall cavity insulation installer in Berkshire that belongs to an accredited body is usually a reliable person to hire. This is because tradesmen that belong to professionally accredited bodies are held to high standards of work and codes of conduct, so are almost always the most dependable people for the job.

There are several insulation organisations that offer accreditation and certification for cavity wall insulation, including the National insulation Association (NIA), the British Board of Agrément, and the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGCA).

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