How to Choose the Most Indicated Curtain According to Space?

Every time we decorate our homes, we seek to cause a positive impact on visitors. We would love that other people can feel comfortable as in their own homes. Therefore, we must be very careful when choosing the decorative elements that highlight the beauty of our interior spaces. Obviously, curtains can’t be overlooked.

Windows provide ventilation and natural light to any building. Curtains, in addition to regulating light intensity, also function as filters, trapping substances such as dust and pollen that can cause allergies. Similarly, by restricting the entry of dust, they help us keep our home clean for much longer. In fact, curtains aren’t only a complement to decoration; they are essential decorative elements in any home.

To cause that positive impact that I talked about at the beginning, it’s necessary to choose the curtains that best fit the design of the home. How big should they be? What’s the most appropriate color? What kind of curtains should I choose? These are basic questions that anyone should ask themselves before making a choice.

Throughout my life, I’ve been passionate about interior design. I don’t believe in magic formulas, so I don’t recommend a specific brand or model of curtains for a given case. There could be thousands of configurations that would go quite well with the same space. You just have to know what kind of curtains is best in each case.

Here are some useful tips that can facilitate the choice of your curtains.

Short curtains

Personally, I love short curtains. They are very practical, light and easy to manipulate. They allow free entrance of natural light and also don’t obstruct vision through windows. If you often sit in front of the window to enjoy the view, short curtains are the best for you.

These work very well as a kitchen curtains. Smoke and grease generated in kitchen can adhere to curtains, especially when there’s no extraction hood. Kitchen curtains must be small so they don’t absorb too much dirt and are easy to wash.

Long curtains

In much more classic environments, I like how long curtains look. They are very elegant and make any place cozy. However, before opting for long curtains, it’s necessary to take into account the size of the window. If windows are small, curtains should have a similar size. If they are too long, part of the cloth would cover the wall, giving no useful purpose. I would recommend long curtains in those brightly lit homes with huge classic windows.

Prints or flat colors?

When is it better to choose a patterned or flat-colored curtain? Many people wonder the same when buying curtains. Actually, the choice depends a lot on the personality of buyer. I’ve seen that patterned curtains look beautiful in kitchens (flower and food patterns), bathrooms (flower and abstract patterns) and children’s rooms (animated characters and other children’s patterns). On the other hand, flat colored curtains are the most indicated in living rooms, conference roomsand bedrooms with minimalist design.

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