How To Choose The Right Van For Your  home inspection business

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When it comes time for a home inspection business to take the all important next step towards respectability, a proper van must be purchased. This is the sort of purchase that may not seem important on paper. In reality, it could end up making or breaking your home inspection business. The vehicle that a home inspection business chooses says a lot to their customers about their level of reliability.

In most instances, a home inspection business is better off choosing a cargo van over all of the other options that are available. What are some other traits that need to be prioritized when purchasing a home inspection van? The time has come for a much closer look.

The Right Amount of Space

A home inspector has a number of tools that they will need to lug from location to location. That is why they need to choose a van that will provide them with the space that they require. A customer is not going to recommend the services of a home inspector who shows up in a puddle jumper that is packed to the gills with tools.

They want to see a professional looking van that offers all of the necessary space for equipment. If the home inspection person is fumbling around for their tools inside of a tiny vehicle, this looks bad on them. Be sure to keep this in mind during the process of shopping for a van for a home inspection business.

Selecting a Reputable Dealership

The dealership that is chosen when purchasing the van is also important. Don’t make the mistake of going to Big Sal’s backyard emporium so that you can save a few bucks. Take the time to research the dealerships in the area so that the right location is chosen.

After all, this is a choice that a home inspection business cannot receive a do over on. Once they have chosen a van, this is the vehicle that they are going to be using. Most businesses do not have the capital to purchase multiple vehicles during the early going. The average home inspection business is not going to be any exception.

Avoid Buying Used

A used van may allow the business to save some money in the short term but used vans come with all sorts of costly problems. For example, older vans tend to get far less miles to the gallon than the newer models. This places an undue level of financial strain on those responsible for fuel.

These vans are also more unlikely to experience untimely breakdown that lead to costly repairs. A new van suggests a higher level of credibility as well. Think about it this way: would a ramshackle van inspire a great deal of confidence when it pulled up to your home or business? Probably not, right? Bear that in mind.

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