How To Develop Plan For Cleaning A House When Moving Out


Developing a plan for cleaning the house before moving is crucial to ensure you get your deposit from the landlord back. While the only rule is to start early, given below are other points to consider.

  1. Create a Checklist


While many think that creating a checklist is an utter waste of time, it is in fact, the most important thing to do while cleaning. With the end of lease cleaning comes a lot of stress due to which we tend to forget even the most crucial elements. This is one of the reasons why you need to maintain a checklist. Pen down even the most apparent things required during cleaning. Check off everything that gets done. This ensures that the work goes about smoothly.

Another reason why you need a checklist is that it helps you divide the task which in turn ensures that you get every area of the house. Inspect if anything needs fixing or repairs and start it early. This is essential as your landlord will inspect the home before handling the deposit and will cut a part of the money if he/she finds faults.

  1. Declutter

Throwing out things can be heartbreaking, but you need to get rid of them to cut down costs on moving unnecessary items to your new house and wasting the space. If you start packing or cleaning two months prior to the move, you can segregate the things to throw out and the things you can donate. Make use of the skip bin to fasten the process of decluttering. You can even consider putting up a sale of the things which are in good condition and utilize that money on your moving. But if you have just two weeks left, remove clutter after you are done with your packing to make the most of your limited time.

  1. Utilize the Right Equipment

Make sure that you have all the right equipment such as vacuum cleaner before you start cleaning. Don’t forget to use the right vacuum attachments and settings for best results. Start from the top while dusting to reduce the allergens in the rooms. Use damp microfiber clothes for cleaning light fixtures, frames, and fans.  Make use of a glass cleaner on a cotton cloth to clean glass surfaces.

  1. Clean One Room at a Time



You will mess up everything if you go to clean the whole house haphazardly. Clean one room at a time starting with the bedroom, then the bathroom and last the kitchen. Also, remember to finish with the floor.

  • Closets

When you start with the bedroom, do not overlook the closets. Clean the cobwebs and every nook and corner of the closets. You can even use waxing products to freshen up and bring some shine to the wooden furniture.

  • Bathroom

Wipe all the cabinets and clean the mirror. Don’t forget the shower and the tub. Then clean the windows with a good quality streak-free glass cleaner.

  • Kitchen

Kitchen requires a lot of effort and patience than the other rooms. Wipe down the cabinets and countertops thoroughly and then move on to clean all the appliances. Next clean in and around the sink and then sweep and mop the floor.

  1. Check the Lease Agreement


Once you finish all the cleaning, fixtures, and repairs; check your agreement book to see how the condition of the house was before you shifted in. Your landlord will refer to the same agreement to monitor faults, and therefore it is better to stay on the safer side by abiding by it.

Cleaning can be time-consuming and if you think you will mess up things and lose on the deposit, hire Zero Spot end of lease cleaning Melbourne services. Show them the agreement, and they will do the required steps. Moreover, these services are worth your investment if you want to get the deposit back.

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