How to Ensure Your Business Is Safe for Autumn and Winter

No one wants their belongings stolen, or to watch their business go up in flames. You have worked hard to get your company to this point — why would you allow someone to take it all from you?

To help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, read on to learn how to ensure your business is safe for autumn and winter.

1. Take stock of your current security set-up.

 Before you start investing in any new security features or additions, you first need to take stock of your current security set-up. Generally, you want to protect all employees from fires and other potential hazards, as well as to safeguard your office and belongings from theft.

If you currently have no security system set-up, then you want to ask yourself, Why not? Are you really in a position where you don’t need to be concerned about your life’s work? Think long and hard about why you aren’t investing in the security of your business.

If you do currently have a security system set-up, then you want to ask yourself and other employees what is and isn’t working with the tools you now have implemented. Is there a specific area of the system that you feel is lacking?

Next, walk through your property and try to break in — you might be surprised to learn that there are weak points which you weren’t previously aware of.

If this task seems tiresome, remember that protecting your business should be a fundamental priority for you, as the owner.

2. Recognize the threats that your business has.

All businesses have security threats, although they may differ depending on whether you have a physical presence or are solely operating online. Some of these threats have remained unchanged over the years; others are new as technology and criminals’ tactics progress.

If you have a physical space, a break-in will be the most obvious physical security risk that you face. Unfortunately, whether you have an office, a store, or some other location for conducting your business, greedy criminals are going to be on the lookout for a way to steal from you.

On the other hand, fires should be a huge concern for you in ensuring that your workplace is a safe space for you and your employees. There is no excuse for not having high-quality fire alarms installed in your office, building, or store to assure yourself and your workers that the space where they spend a large percentage of their days is maintained.

If you don’t already have one, it is time to contact a fire alarm installation company.

3. Research what you should add or upgrade.

For physical spaces, the threats mentioned above can be decreased with some essential additions or upgrades.

Installing a burglar or intruder alarm is the first step in protecting your property and your belongings. Just like you (most likely) have alarms on your home property, you should also have these installed in your workplace.

These kinds of alarms will not only alert you of any suspicious activity (even when you are off-premises), but they are also proven to discourage criminals from endeavoring to break in as they know their chances of being caught are high.

Additionally, combining hidden surveillance cameras with burglar alarms will make your security system even more robust. These CCTV cameras can be installed facing the most vulnerable spots in your space to ensure that every area is monitored.

Some business owners overlook the importance of CCTV cameras as they can seem too costly at first; however, the long-term payoff (and peace of mind that accompanies it) is worth it.

Finally, access control is highly recommended for business owners looking to have complete command over access to their building or offices. In today’s market, you can find a wide range of access control systems that fit your specific space and needs. For example, you can install a system that is wireless, has keypad entry, access card entry, or old-school phone or buzz-in entry.

Incredibly, your access control system can also be connected to an overall security network that incorporates your CCTV cameras. For many business owners, introducing a customized access control center brings a lot more peace of mind to the security threats that their companies face.

What security concerns do you have concerning your business — either the physical space or the online world? What are you doing over the next few months to combat these threats? Let’s start a discussion in the comments below!


Michael Dunne created Safecell Security Ltd in 2001 and acquired Authorized Access in 2013. He is now Managing Director of both companies and oversees the strategic development and day to day running of the businesses. Michael has spent over 20 years in the security industry and specialises in the Design, Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning of electrical security systems such as Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Warden Control and Access Control and all Physical security including Key Cutting, Safe & Lock Picking, Suited Key Systems, Automated Barriers & Gates and Shutters, throughout the North West of England.

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