How to Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious Touch

From something as simple as a houseplant to as huge as a bathtub, there are multiple ways to make the bathroom more luxurious. You don’t always have to spend a fortune to make this possible. Read on and we’ll share the best ways to create a more elegant private sanctuary.

  1. Add a Bathtub

This is one of the easiest and most common ways add a hint of luxury in the bathroom. Consider the best bath tub ideas and decide which one is most suitable for your needs and preferences. A classic claw tub is sure to be a show-stopping focal point. If there are space limitations, opt for a tub-and-shower combo. To give it a spa-like feel and ambiance, tubs with whirlpool jets will make a good choice.

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  1. Grow a Plant

Bring in elements of nature in the bathroom. The best plants to grow in the bathroom include orchids, peace lily, air plants, snake plant, and bromeliad. Choose a plant that requires minimal care and maintenance. See to it that the plant can withstand humidity in the bathroom.

  1. Incorporate Technology

Take advantage of tech innovations that will take your bathroom to the next level. Ditch the traditional faucet. Instead, install one that comes with an infrared or motion sensor. Automatic water spritzing toilet is also great to have, which is also a good way to save water. Some toilets also have heated seats.

  1. Say It with Lights

Incorporating luxury in the bathroom is also possible by choosing the right lights. Chandeliers are great if the space permits. If the ceiling height is too low, this might not work. Install lights that you can dim, which is a great way to enhance the mood in the bathroom. Motion-activated lights are also good to have.

  1. Pick the Right Color

A luxe upgrade to the bathroom is also possible through choosing the right color. If you want to achieve elegant simplicity, white is the best choice. For a classic look, on the other hand, gray is a great pick. A monochromatic color scheme can also be good, especially if you want to create a more soothing environment. From the wall to the décor, see to it that everything in the bathroom is color-coordinated.

  1. Add a Seat

Having a plush seat is another quick way to build a luxurious bathroom. A good chair will provide a sitting area where you can relax before or after a relaxing bath. For girls, this is also a good way to have a place where they can sit down when doing their makeup.

It does not take a lot to make your bathroom more luxurious. Even without the luxury of a huge budget, you can make it more elegant, such as by adding a houseplant or a seat.

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