How to Increase Productivity with Commercial Fitouts

Many office environmentsfall victim to being bland and boring, with even the most creative areas brought down by closed spaces, uncomfortable furniture or dull colouring. That’s why it’s essential for every business to reassess their fitout and aim to maketheir office as productive as possible. After all, the efficiency of employees can lead to a stronger, more successful company in the long run. Here are four ways to increase productivity with commercial fitouts.

Designate Diverse Areas within Your Office

Working a 9 to 5 job can be exhausting if you’re on your feet or sitting at your desk for the entire day. For this reason, commercial fitouts should include separate areas so employees can brainstorm ideas and refocus their thoughts. Having different spaces encourages more effective time management and increases productivity, but it’s also important to allow employees to have multiple breaks throughout the day. You can encourage this by creating a unique lunch room with stylish lighting fixtures and feature walls. A lunch room is essential for developing a positive work culture, as well as being a space for building professional relationships and recharging one’s mind.

Buy Comfortable and Supportive Furniture

Your commercial fitout should include furniture that’s designed for people to use all day. If employees are fidgeting or readjusting their chairs constantly, this can be a major distraction that affects their productivity. Not only this, but uncomfortable chairs can cause severe back issues for employees, meaning they’re either in pain while they’re working or they need to take longer breaks to stretch their muscles. To avoid this, chairs should have armrests, include back support and be an appropriate height to suit the corresponding desk. While investing your money in upgrading your office furniture may seemunnecessary, in the long run you’ll behelping to increase the productivity of your employees.

Employ Colour Psychology

Employee performance can be highly dependent on the hues and colours in a workplace. Using different colours in commercial fitouts can therefore stimulate different moods and mindsets, effectively enhancing one’s productivity. For example, blue promotes thinking, creativity and performance, as well asevoking stability and calmness to keep employees feel more relaxed in high pressure situations. Orange is associated with creativity and evokes conversation, while yellow promotes optimism. However, yellow can also cause unwanted anxiety. It’s therefore important to choose your colours wisely when planning acommercial fitout.

H2: Improve Communication with an Open Space

In any workplace environment, communication is essential. Your commercial fitout should therefore encourage employees to collaborate and work together, helping to build an environment that’s inviting and supportive. To encourage creative input, place desks in an arrangement where it’s easy for people to talk to one another. This may mean placing desks opposite one another, or seating everyone at a single big table. Ensure computer screens don’t cover people’s faces, as this affects the ability for employees to talk easily.

It’s also important for commercial fitouts to be well lit and ventilated. Natural lighting and air flow can be enhanced by installing more windows, helping to improve the attention span of your employees.








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About the Author: Clare Louise