How to Make the Move Easier on the Children

Moving can be stressful for some children. Younger children may not notice the difference, but older children have friends that they may not wish to leave. You can make a move easier on children by trying a few of these ideas.

Make Old Memories Last

Have a going-away party just for the children and their friends. You can rent a bouncy house or provide some toys in the yard and let the kids entertain themselves. Be sure to videotape the event and take lots of pictures. Afterward, you can sit down and enjoy the movie or use the photos to do craft projects such as scrapbooking, collages, or photo transfers. These tangible memories will help children transition to the new residence and not feel so distant from their friends.

Allow Some Choices

Parents often tell children exactly what to do and when to do it with little input from the children. By allowing children to make some choices in their new homes, they can feel connected to the space. For instance, you can have them to choose a wall color or stick-on decoration to make their new room more fun than their old space. Children can also help to direct packers and movers st louis mo as to where to place their belongings once the moving truck arrives. 

Help Form New Experiences

Once you reach the new location, you can help children find new friends by getting involved in local activities, visiting the closest park, or joining new clubs. Once children begin to have similar experiences to the enjoyable ones that they had at their old house, they will start to acclimate to the new location and possibly even forget about the old one. 

Moving children from one house to another does not have to be a traumatizing experience if you take some time before and after to help them through the transition. 

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