How to Turn Your Home into Basenji Friendly

Have you just welcomed a new basenji member to your family? Are you curious about how to turn your home as well as your life basenji friendly? Actually, making your life Basenji-friendly will insist you learn thoroughly about the basenji firstly. It will help you do appropriate changes in your residential space for your lovely new family member.  Keep reading to get enough insight about the topic.

Why do many people wish to take Basenji as their companion?

Basenji is one of the incredible and best companions for every family because of the following reasons.

  • They are energetic, intelligent, and affectionate
  • They are fiercely protective of their loving family
  • They experience minimal hair shedding
  • They are highly renowned for their excellent sense of smell and keen eyesight
  • They are extremely affectionate with his/her family but not outgoing to the strangers
  • They are extremely clever and attentive

Characteristics of Basenji should be aware of

If you are a basenji owner, then you should be aware of all the qualities of him/her. This will help you take advantage of good qualities. For making your life Basenji-friendly, it is necessary to understand the basenji breed and ways to make your life and home adequate for them. Take a look at the important characteristics of basenji.

  • They are quite stubborn so that professional training is highly required
  • They require vigorous exercise daily because they have more tendency to become lazy and fat quickly
  • They are the suitable breed for the kids as it is affectionate, playful and energetic
  • They become happy when it is kept with two or more other Basenjis
  • They are extremely curious and learn things quickly through their high intelligence
  • They tend to be clever breeds but not quite easy to train
  • They do not bark louder like other breeds but make yodeling sound
  • They are easy to groom but have a habit of licking everything like a cat
  • When they experience boredom, it could become destructive
  • Since they are very light on their feet, it is quite a mystery to find where the basenji is
  • They are agile dogs and outrun their owners easily so that it is perfect to keep the breed leash all the times in the public.  

Tips to make your space basenji friendly

After knowing the basenji characteristics, learning the ways to make your home basenji friendly is important. To do so, you can take help from the below section.

  • Firstly, you should create a fun, enjoyable, and safe environment for your breed because they get anything they require themselves in one or many ways. Hence, as soon as you bring basenji breed to your home, let them crawl around the space and view everything right from their perspective. You should clean up and shift items available on the floor and under the bed because basenji might destroy them
  • Next, allocate a special area in your home for your puppy. It may be anything whether a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. It is better to choose the place, which you often see and make the entire area breed proofed. Keep enough doors and windows to restrict the puppy use the locations such as a balcony. Place the electrical cords, garbage cans, and fireplace at the specific height, which your breed does not reach
  • Now, it is time to make the outdoor of your home basenji proofed. Train your breed to exit the home after a specific command. Or else, it will damage the screen window and door.
  • Reach your yard and clean up everything properly. Purchase pet-friendly fertilizers and pesticides. Place the garden hose in the hose box because basenji might chew it.  If the dog wishes to stay outside, never cut the weed whack and grass. Use the right type of blower to keep things away, which harm your pet.

Out of all, you should fence your swimming pool because your breed may fall down unexpectedly, which put their life into risk. Do not forget to make your car basenji friendly. Or else, it will destroy seat belts, seat cushions, and door handles. For making your life Basenji-friendly, you should spend the time to remove dangers from their pathways and take care of their overall well-being. Offer enough puzzle games, chewies, and toys to keep them intelligent and active.  

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About the Author: Paul Petersen