Ideas For New Home Builders on Facebook

When considering to build a new home, you are likely to be piled up with numerous ideas in mind to make your house your dream home. Which is why many potential homeowners take advantage of the existence of social media when seeking help in different ideas. You’re also probably seeking some ideas too not to make your Facebook profile feel static. With that said, I have combined below a list of Facebook post ideas that may come in handy.

1. Post New Built Home Photos as Albums

They say pictures speak a thousand words, well practically, they really do. Without a doubt, every home buyer loves photos. It’s advisable to get some professional photos taken and post them on your Facebook page. Photos will spark a sense of imagination and knowledge to the audience and familiarize them with your home.

2. Promote Open Houses

Got an open house coming up? Then your Facebook page is the best platform to share. Share the photos prior to the event or after the event. You can also use this as a way to mobilize people to pre-register as well. This creates a sense of curiosity among the audience in anticipation of what’s coming. Photos make them get the picture of what will take place or has taken place.

3. Do video Tours

This is considered as one of the best types of posts you can engage in. Videos attract many people in getting a clearer picture. Doing a video tour will attract views and engage the audience. A video tour is one of the best ways to push people to curiosity over your content.

4. Engage your audience by asking questions with Your Photos

When it comes to engaging your audience, there is no better way than asking them questions based on the photos you post. Asking open-ended questions works best but providing your audience with a variety of options works best in increasing your engagement.

5. Run Contests

They can be essentially appealing to your audience but needs a little more work but can be very beneficial in regards to getting your audience engaged as well as acting as an incentive to visitors on your page. Running contests is one way of making your audience anticipate each post you make on your page and establish your identity.

6. Post Client Testimonial Videos

This is one way of clearly earning trust and recognition with your audience. Testimonial videos provide your fans with proof of your work and scale your popularity to greater heights. No one wants a page with no testimonials that indicate the experiences of others. Since home buyers explore for various competitors, it’s obvious you want them to hear from the past clients.

7. Post Community Updates

When a client buys a new home, the community is also greatly involved in the process. It’s therefore important to post what’s happening in the community. For example, sharing and posting the new neighbors, the activities happening and the grand openings are great content to provide to your audience.


With that said, isn’t it great to share such great posts to your audience and create a healthy engagement to interested parties globally? It’s definitely a classic way to document and share knowledge. Consider a home builder marketing team if these tips fail you.

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