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The duties of the decorator include interior design, selection of good shades for house, interior and exterior painting. This allows you to create a great atmosphere in your home or office. It’s obvious, that the productivity of work depends on our well-being. And the house paint colors also affect this.

A professional decorator should know a lot of nuances that are inherent in one or another type of project. That’s why there are several types of designers. Residential decorators (RD) carry out private orders and do decorative painting. Their priorities are individual approach, work with the customer. Some interior painting ideas may be non-standard. But if the client wants such a combination of interior paint, the decorator is able to execute this order, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the house.

The other type is commercial designers. Their clients are small and large firms. Commercial exterior painting has its own characteristics. The specialist must create an exterior and interior that will facilitate the execution of tasks. The workplace of a bank or office employee should have an atmosphere conducive to productivity. Rest rooms should help rest.

Talking about commercial painting, of hospitals or ambulance, the shades of colors are selected for better well-being of the sick and a speedy recovery. Usually, the work of specialists of commercial decorators isn`t associated with an additional risk – they work with the interior, stairs, ladders. Also, inside such premises there are a large number of people, so professionals use special interior paint with increased wear resistance to wear, which allows achieving high-quality result.

Industrial painting specialists (ID), are engaged in painting large premises. Designers work with barns, hangars, bridges, high-rise buildings and warehouses. Such work requires special industrial painting equipment and high level of professionalism. Often work on industrial exterior painting are carried out at height. ID are highly qualified and are members of a Health and Safety body or a professional association for the purpose of assurance. Their lives and health are insured for large sums. Every year they undergo mandatory safety instructions, advanced training courses and use the entire set of safety systems.

Works on painting buildings are rarely carried out, so it is important to choose the best exterior paint. The preference is given to professional industrial paints with maximum protection. For example, industrial steel paint is able to resist oxidation and protect metal from rust for decades. Such materials are expensive, but their use is justified. Both CD and ID pay attention to own efficiency, own and public health and safety, use of specialist materials (antibacterial and antimicrobial paint for hospitals capable to fight E-coli, for example), use of painted premises by other while the work is being carried out, following client’s safety measures and other necessary routines.

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