Inexpensive Ways to Decorate the House for Christmas

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It won’t take long, and it will already be Christmas! Soon, you will be researching about fun Christmas games and everyone at work will be talking about Christmas party game ideas. The roads will be lit, and the trees will be up! Is your home ready? If not, keep on reading as we share with you some practical tips on how you can decorate your place for the holidays without going over your budget!

Create a Christmas Card Holder

Soon, you will be bombarded with Christmas party announcements and online Christmas invitations. Also, you will start receiving Christmas cards. These cards should not be stored in the drawers. Instead, you can use them as home decors. You just need to have the right holder.  For a stylish Christmas card holder, you can make a wreath where you can hang the cards or a metal tree where you can have them clipped.

String up Stars

Want to create a starry room that will be reminiscent of Christmas? One thing that you can do is to hang all sorts of stars on the wall. You can make these stars on your own using paper or scraps of wood. Paint them with white and red to add a festive look. Hang them on the wall and use fairy lights as the background.

Set the Table

When it comes to DIY Christmas décor, make sure to not ignore the table setting, especially if you are inviting family and friends over for an intimate party. Use tableware with Christmas colors, such as red, green, and blue. For an inexpensive décor, you can use spray-painted pinecones and evergreens in a vase as your centerpiece.

Build a Candy Cane Vase

All that you have to do is to glue a bunch of candy canes until it forms a vase. Once it has transformed into a vase, tie a gold or green ribbon around it. Next, fill it with real poinsettias or evergreens. You can also add pinecones and other things that will give it a holiday vibe. You can use it as your table centerpiece.

Use Chalkboard Balls

If you are looking for cheap decorating ideas this holiday season, one thing that you can do is to cover plastic bulbs with a chalkboard paint. Once it is dried, you can design it the way you want using colored chalks and hang in a tree. This is also a perfect way to have the kids involved with the decorating process.

Learn the Art of Origami

Believe it or not, you can have Christmas décor without having to spend at all. This is possible if you learn origami. There are lots of online videos available to help you learn. You can use recycled papers and have them folded into ornaments, such as stars, trees, and angels.

As shown from the ideas briefly mentioned above, you do not need to spend big to make your home beautiful this Christmas. With a little patience and creativity, you can make the holiday vibes felt!

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